Setting a Meaningful Thanksgiving Table

Read along to learn my favorite ways to set my Thanksgiving table + a few recipes that I always have on it for our family to enjoy.

Setting a Meaningful Thanksgiving Table

I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving to be here. For me, and so many of you, it is a holiday filled with so much family and tradition that I can barely handle it. So today I’m sharing a few tips for setting a “meaningful” Thanksgiving table with some of my favorite tabletop linens.

Layer + Low

Keeping your table scape at the right proportion will help folks stay connected and feel cozy during dinner. While we want the table to feel special for this special occasion, keeping it simple is also important because there is generally so much food that also needs to be added that it can become overwhelming from a space standpoint.

Layering a variety of tones and textures, such as linens, wooden feast boards, vintage candlesticks and vintage silverware, and ceramic dishes and platters are a great way to help your Thanksgiving table to tell a story and feel warm.

Keeping things low on the table allows your family and friends the opportunity to talk across the table with ease of nothing blocking their way. I love adding in greenery and floral elements in almost a runner form instead of worrying about vases that are tall and take up too much space. A candlestick here and there with lit candles helps to also set a great, special atmosphere.

Mix It Up

Thanksgiving, more than most any other occasion, is generally where you may have the biggest crowd to feed around your table. This is a blessing so don’t sweat the semantics of not having enough chairs or place settings for your guests.

This is a great time to pull in some family heirlooms that often are left unused in the home – pull out grandma’s china or the old mix-matched chairs from the attic. This is my favorite holiday for celebrating these heirloom pieces and creating a storied table scape where guests can say “I remember that gravy boat” or “remember when we used that chair at Grandmother’s cabin?” makes the conversation even more meaningful that ever.

Mixing vintage wares with new pieces (like new dishes, glassware or table linens) makes your table both interesting as well as functional so don’t be afraid of pushing the limits just because you have a few broken or missing pieces of a matching set.

Special Touches

As children we were always in charge of helping my Grandmother set the table for holidays and occasions, a right of passage, if you will. So be sure to add in a few signature, special touches to your Thanksgiving table that will help make it your own.

Growing up, our special tables always brought out the crystal, and I mean ALL the pieces of the setting. My favorite were always the little tiny pieces – like the individual salt + pepper shakers, the tiny condiment jar + spoon for things like mustard, and the little salt cellars. And of course, depending on the occasion, my Grandmother would bring out a different set of china but always her own wedding china for Thanksgiving which was filled with great autumn colors.

We never had a children’s table, but if you do then head over to Pinterest for a million ideas on cute things for the kiddos. The kids were always thrilled to get our own Shirley Temple, enjoyed in one of Grandma’s very special crystal glasses just like the adults and we looked forward to this treat knowing this must be a very special occasion.

Now that I can design my own special touches, I love creating a table that is both beautiful and effortless. I’m not usually one for place cards but if you are that’s another great way to add a touch of personalization for your guests. My favorite thing to celebrate is the presentation of the pie and dessert (check out my favorite recipes here) at Thanksgiving since I so love to bake, so a perfectly placed cake stand that makes an entrance is always a part of my celebration.

And, I even designed in a few touches into our current linen tabletop line, like the heirloom tag where you can tuck in your silverware, or the ability to monogram our table runner like I’ve done here with our wedding date as a memento. All of these touches just help to make your traditions become your own year after year.

Love for you to share your own Thanksgiving table scape tips with us at #HEIRLOOMED

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