Meet the Artist: Birmingham’s Eliza Bishop of Paper Eliza

Birmingham design Paper Eliza brings a branded illustration to life for our new cookbook, The Heirloomed Kitchen

Introducing Paper Eliza: Birmingham’s Creative Designer

Enter the captivating world of Paper Eliza, a Birmingham artist renowned for her intricate hand-illustration & paper creations. Eliza Bishop’s skillful hands breathe life into custom stationery, wedding invitations & more, each delicate coil telling its own story.


A Journey of Creativity: Paper Eliza’s Story

Paper Eliza is an online custom wedding paper shop in Birmingham, Alabama that specializes invitation suites, save the dates, party invites and general paper products. “I went from a job in corporate banking to full time business owner almost three years ago and I love my  job,” says Eliza.  “I love getting to meet brides, talk through their vision for their day and bringing their ideas to life.”

Eliza takes your brand or personal preference and runs wild with creativity to bring a custom crest or personal project to life. My plan is to gift each of my children a custom crest and their own personal stationery set, with illustration elements that speak to their personalities & interests.


Collaboration with Heirloomed: Bringing Art to Life

Recently, our team at Heirloomed enlisted Paper Eliza to bring our Cookbook Book Signing promotional materials to life with handcrafted exclusive illustrations for our cookbook launch, capturing the essence of our brand, culinary delight and celebration. I had been following @PaperFromEliza over on Instagram for awhile, after being tipped off by my much hipper studio gals. I instantly loved her creativity, dry witty humor and timeless designs.

She brought our brand elements to life from Heirloomed, and incorporated elements from The Heirloomed Kitchen cookbook perfectly. Our notable artichoke that was a signature shot in our first-ever photoshoot, figs & fig leaves from the cookbook cover image, tiny whisks, wooden rolling pins & tin teaspoons give nod to our grandmother’s kitchen, hydrangeas that I cut from my own yard, and of course, our signature aprons – it was a perfect compilation of what we are all about.

We utilized this gorgeous artwork from Paper Eliza for our Cookbook Launch Party invitation, but will also use it in various marketing elements for the duration of our book promotion and signing tour. So, if you spot it, you’ll know the backstory of the illustrations and the special artist who brought it all to life for us. Through her art, Paper Eliza invites us to appreciate the beauty in simplicity and embark on a journey of creativity and wonder. Join us in celebrating this talented artist whose work reminds us of the whimsical magic found in life’s most special moments.

What is your most Treasured Family Heirloom?

You know I had to ask my favorite question – what is your most treasured family heirloom? “My most treasured family heirloom is my grandmother’s fur coat she gifted me. I grew up as a little girl playing dress up in it and it was a sweet surprise to have been recently gifted it. I only ever wear it when I’m traveling outside of Alabama (way too hot for that haha!), which makes it even more special.” On a relatable note, I also have a fur stole of my grandmother’s so I can appreciate the memories & magic (as well as how it’s usually too hot to wear it here in the South) that such a special piece brings.

Be sure to check out more of her work at www.papereliza.com

I’m an old soul based in Atlanta, GA and mom of 3 with a deep love of all things from the past with a story to tell, on a mission to keep heirlooms around for another generation - whether it be a tradition, splattered family recipe, or historic home.

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