Deviled Eggs with Relish

This is the BEST recipe for deviled eggs, a Southern Staple. These are perfect to serve at your next brunch or gathering. Deviled eggs with relish are the perfect appetizer for Spring.

Deviled Eggs with Relish

For some reason I’m always the one that seems to be in charge of making the deviled eggs at our family gatherings and I sure don’t mind a bit. It’s one dish that’s always a staple on our Easter table but honestly there are few family gatherings that don’t include this staple around our parts.

deviled eggs with relish

I love using a ceramic egg tray to hold these little snacks, it makes it so much easier to keep in the fridge versus an old round one.


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A Southern Kitchen Bucket List

As part of my Southern Kitchen Bucket List (and one that I actually have already mastered, for once!), I love sharing my recipe for Deviled Eggs with relish because when people enjoy them it makes me think it’s because that’s the way they remember the recipe tasting in their own home. The fact that they will get the chance to recreate a family recipe just makes my heart full. And that’s just the thing about learning to make really great Deviled Eggs, it’s a practice-makes-perfect kind of recipe that you have to just sit in the kitchen and make with your Mom over and over again to get just the right taste and texture.

It was actually kind of hard for me to put this one into a recipe format for sharing because I’ve made these so many times that it is truly a splash of this and a scoop of that when I actually make them in my own kitchen. But if you’re the measuring type then the below recipe will get you pretty close!

duke's mayo

mashing yolks

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Deviled Eggs with Relish


This quick and easy recipe for Southern Deviled Eggs is a delish springtime brunch appetizer.




  1. Begin by hard boiling a dozen eggs for approximately 10 minutes, then allowing them to cool completely in an ice water bath. Peel, wash and pat dry, slicing each egg vertically.
  2. In a medium-sized glass bowl spoon out the yolk from each egg, setting aside the egg whites.
  3. To the bowl of egg yolks add mayonnaise, pickled relish, apple cider vinegar and dry mustard. Mash and mix with a fork until the appropriate texture is achieved.
  4. Top with chopped green onions. Add salt and pepper to taste.

deviled eggs with relish

deviled egg mixture

Best Recipe for Deviled Eggs

At this point it’s great to stop and taste your mixture to see if you can get it just like you remember from your childhood. Play with it by adding just a tad more mayo, relish or apple cider vinegar. You’ll get it just right, but go slowly so you can make adjustments along the way. Once you have it just right, scoop a generous spoonful of your yolk mixture into the “bowl” of each halved egg white. Lastly, set each in your Deviled Egg Platter.

I prefer to just scoop mine in there instead of getting to fancy with the pastry bag, but feel free to go with your presentation preference. Once each filled deviled egg with relish has been added to your platter, add a generous sprinkling of kosher salt, freshly cracked pepper and little round snips of your green onions over the top of the eggs for a beautiful and fresh presentation on your table.

deviled eggs on ceramic tray

deviled eggs with relish

There are SO many variations on Deviled Eggs out there these days. Feel free to take this classic recipe and adapt to spice it up a little. Try a dab of olive tapenade on top or mix in a little mound of fresh crab. However you take your Deviled Eggs, these are sure to become a staple for your Easter table and far beyond!

deviled eggs on tray

how to make deviled eggs with relish

I’d love to know the secret to your own family recipe for Deviled Eggs with relish. And, if you love deviled eggs too, I’d appreciate if you share or pin this recipe!


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