There is a lot of chatter lately about finding your “uniform” {formerly known as a personal style or brand} and as a branding junkie myself, I’m whittling down my own style into a go-to capsule collection for myself. Since most of my personal belongings are packed away until we move, I’ve been living off very little and finding that I really only hit my “go-to” wardrobe pieces anyways – so I’m weeding out the pieces I don’t need and investing in the ones I know will stick with me.

As a self-proclaimed neutral lover {ahem .. have you seen my styleboards lately?}, I love the classic, timeless pieces and the concept of the capsule is just right for this girl.  And, as an entrepreneur & designer, I want an outfit that can take me from being a mom to a business meeting because every day is different.

Here are just a few of my favorite go-to’s {I do own most all of these} and I’ll be sharing more of my favorite Entrepreneur Uniforms with you soon.

Entrepreneur's Uniform

Madewell hat {I drooled over this for a month and it was a total no-brainer. The fit is fabulous and the compliments are endless every time I wear this one out} / Madewell earrings {I love this brass color and wear these just about every day, a great size} / White tee { I need some shirt suggestions, still searching but loved the shape & movement of this piece } / Madewell black High Riser Skinny Skinny denim { I am “obsessed” with this fit. Perfect in every way for this momma} / J.Crew slip on Vans {I have found these to be so super versatile – I can dress them up or down so easily} / Graf and Lantz Grey Felt Tote { If you’ve seen me anytime lately, this has been on my shoulder. Huge bags are my MO and this one carries everything from diapers to my laptop}

We’re in the midst of building a house, which has been one of the most fun {most work} projects I’ve ever done. I absolutely love every little detail and have been inspired by the farmhouse aesthetic along the way. Because remember, I wish to live in a barn …

crossbuck stable door

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite details along the way, and the inspirations behind them. So today I’m sharing the subtle crossbuck detail that will give nod to the traditional barn “X” doors. We decided to do a double door on the front to really maximize the space and capture the essence of that grand barn door entrance, and I really love the solid crossbuck for the side door.

Crossbuck Front Door

These details are all over the farm, from the inside of the barn doors to the long, dark fencing that lines the front of the property.  And because I think the art of careful juxtaposition in design is so important, I love the balance of bringing this “rustic” detail into a nice home exterior.

Crossbuck Farm Fence

More to come! For a sneak peek into my total home design inspiration, take a peek at my Pinterest board here.

One of my favorite things about my job is the people I get to meet through my work. Here are a two Southern friends doing fabulous things that you should support!

Courtney from Honeycomb Studio is doing wonderful things. I first fell in love with her Antler series when I was styling a tabletop for a West Elm event. The gold touches are just to die for in my neutral opinion and the simplicity and organic nature of her work is one of a kind. She has just launched a new lighting collection as well. But for now she’s up for the West Elm Local Grant and I’d love if you’d support her by giving her your vote today!

Honeycomb Studio

Another great Southern find for you today is Gregg at Jack Donnelly. Attention & detail given to one of the Souths most iconic style staples for any gentleman, the khaki pant. They have been growing & growing and I love seeing the diversity in the new styles and colors of pants and shorts in their collection. They are currently halfway through a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for further expanding their collection and I’d love if you can support them {and get in on the good deal to snag those perks & pants for yourself!} Oh, and did I mention the company is named after his Grandfather?

I'd love to know what you think of these two special Southerners! And, if you like these finds, I'll be sharing some more of My Southern Friends soon on the blog!

Well, it’s officially Fall and I must say as a small business owner, I’ve been prepping for Christmas ever since July. I couldn’t be more excited to share that I’ll be participating again this year in the Garden & Gun JUBILEE in Charleston. Even more exciting {well … for me at least} is that I’ll be attending this year, too!

Garden & Gun is one of my very favorite magazines and it paints such a beautiful picture of the South that I was raised to know. The JUBILEE brings together a wonderful mix of Southern makers, designers & artisans and I simply cannot wait to meet others, explore the city, and taste all the wonderful things the city has to offer.

G&G was kind enough to offer up a little incentive that I’m happy to pass along {mostly because I love this piece!} but also because it means if you snag tickets now then hopefully I’ll see you in Charleston! Purchase your JUBILEE tickets now through 9/30 & use promo code: POSTER at checkout and you’ll receive a copy of this beautiful print for yourself.

I love that concert or national park posters have become commemorative pieces framed in homes, and who knows, maybe this piece will hold the same special meaning one day as well.

Garden & Gun Jubilee Poster

So, I’d love to know, what in the world should I do during my trip to Charleston! Would love your suggestion on favorite shops, restaurants, places to stay, & things to see while we’re there.


camo fall trend Camo has become one of the hottest prints of 2014, with the Summer trend easily extending into the Fall {and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon}.

For those of us in the South who have long had camo pieces in our wardrobes, it’s a welcomed trend and I’ve loved integrating a few key “fancy” camo pieces into my collection. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Here are my tips for camo done right.

  1. If you’re going to do it, don’t overdo it. Let your camo piece be the statement of your outfit and go simple and neutral for your other pieces. Think black jeans + white tee.
  2. Know when to wear your “fancy” camo. These stylish pieces are not acceptable wear for a dove hunt, go with the original, “real” camo pieces when in these situations. Please.
  3. Look for pieces with strong, simple construction or classic pieces. This will give you the most effortless camo look without making it look like you tried too hard.
  4. Add a little juxtaposition to really own this trend. I love how “rugged” camo is, so pair it with a nude heel or better yet a camo shift dress. You can have so much fun.
  5. Still not sure if you can rock it? The best single piece {in my humble opinion} to ease into the trend is a clean piece of outerwear. A jacket or vest, and consider going again with a classic piece like a trench or anorak.

Here are my go-to picks for camo this Fall. I’d love to know which you’re loving and what other pieces you can’t live without!

As summer comes to a {sad} end, I look back at my much-neglected, much loved blog and all the wonderful things I have to share these days and commit to being more frequent in my postings.

We’ve been “on the farm” for several months now. We’re in the midst of building a new house {and studio!} and as I’m sure the kids would put it – having the time of our lives living in the country with my in-laws on the family farm. It’s so beautiful here and I find a little dose of inspiration in something new every day.

I wish to live in a barn and this just might be as close as it comes for now.

Take a peek at my Instagram to get just a tiny glimpse of what we’ve been up to and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing a little more on the blog these days!


It’s time to celebrate Dad {or, as my son calls my husband, Papa} and we’ve teamed up with author & entrepreneur, Gena Knox & our friends at Fire & Flavor to bring you a great Father’s Day Grilling Giveaway!

Father's Day Grilling Giveaway

Enter to win a new IceMilk Aprons Men’s Grilling Apron {part of our new Waxed Canvas Collection} along with a great big bag {8.3 lbs to be exact) of John Wayne Hardwood Charcoal from Fire & Flavor. This Southern-inspired pairing is perfect for the rugged, manly, outdoorsman in your life {aka Dad}.

Click below & connect with us on social media for more chances to be entered to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I am so thrilled each Sunday when I tune in to watch Chef Damaris Phillips on her new Food Network show, Southern at Heart. She has such a delightful Southern charm and recipes that you feel comfortable tackling in your own home. And, she has been sporting an array of IceMilk Aprons on the show this season!

So, in celebration we are giving you the chance to win one of our most popular new aprons, the heirloomed linen halter apron! Entering is easy, just click below for your chance to win. And, don't forget you can still shop online at and save 15% for Mother's Day with code MOM at checkout!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*Some restrictions apply. Giveaway valid only to US residents. Offer and giveaway end 5/12/14.

Some things are far in the making, and this Spring photoshoot is no exception. I’ve kept these photos under wraps since last July {if you can believe that!} and for good reason. I took some truly special people to capture the beauty of the sunlight and new heirloomed linen Collection.

We crammed a lot into this day-long photoshoot, with a prelude of coffee shop planning sessions, style board sketches, and trip to both the farmers market & the wholesale florist. I found a new love of scabiosa in these floral blooms. A swarm of angry hornets and a sting led to a quick location change at the farm, and a 400 lb pig who devoured the vast majority of fresh fruit & raw veggies, and a few of our florals made for a more “simple” look on the final tablescape. But, all in all the final outcome was perfection. Big thanks to the photographic talents of Heidi Geldhauser & the styling {and modeling} by Christina Loucks for making this come to life!

Spring in the South is simply beautiful. It reminds me of brunches, picnics, impromptu backyard barbeques, romantic weddings and light, fragrant cocktails. The simplicity of the heirloomed Collection is meant to capture these special moments.

Stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll share my favorite staples for Spring entertaining in the South!

spring linens

spring tabletop linens spring tablescape spring cocktails spring linen apron spring linen aprons spring entertaining nibbles

It’s no secret, I love Pinterest. I’m a visual learner with my own way of organizing my thoughts. I used to rip pages out of magazines and paste them into little notebooks that were tabbed out by category {true story} so Pinterest is my “2.0″ version of this.

A collection of more fabulous images you’ll never find. And, it has been the perfect medium for helping me to define my very specific aesthetic, whether it be style or interiors. My “foodie” board is based solely on mood and has nothing to do with the actual recipes themselves.

What makes Pinterest what it is are the folks I follow. And, I find myself constantly pinning and repinning the same few people day after day. So, I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite folks on Pinterest!

beth kirby / local milk

I love this blog and her mantra “a cast iron skillet & camera” – doesn’t get much better. This board is full of rustic office shots and myriads of books {of which I have and can’t stop collecting}. A must follow.

local milk pinterest

hannah queen / honey & jam

I have long been a fan of Hannah and the way her beautiful photography captures the simple things in life and nature. Textures & tones come through beautifully and I can’t think of someone with a more lovely, rustic aesthetic than Hannah. This beautiful board is one she calls “feels like home” – certainly a place I’d love to live.

hannah queen pinterest laura scholz

Laura is a great friend and a fabulous pinner. Her style board could be mistaken for mine – probably because that is where most of my pins inadvertently come from. If only my actual wardrobe looked as good as this virtual one. Anyone want to take a stab?

laura scholz pinterest

naomi / bakers royale

I love a dark & moody take on food {as is evident on my own “foodie” board} but Naomi takes the cake in this category. This board captures her love of food photography and I simply love her styling with vintage elements.

bakers royale pinterest

plum pretty sugar

Though I have long admired this beautiful brand, their pinning is just as pretty. I had a hard time picking just one pin board to feature from their treasure trove of boards. I have my own retail board, and as you’ll see it looks so much like the beautiful finds they’ve pinned here. Perhaps we can share our own retail space down the road? Oh, the possibilities with Pinterest.

pretty plum sugar pinterest


katie armour / the neo-traditionalist & matchbook magazine

It’s no surprise Katie’s pins are equally as lovely as her blog & magazine. While I adore her style & interior pins as well, I just couldn’t get over this collection of vintage rides {one of my favorite loves}.

katie armour pinterest

ginny branch

What can I even say about Ginny’s style {and styling}? I can honestly say I had to choose this board at random because each and every board she has created is equally as fabulous. Over the years, I have had many, many collections and you can tell that Ginny’s love of the same is pure. There is something about a collection that make the similarities outweigh & highlight the differences perfectly.

ginny branch stelling pinterest




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