The Story Behind Our Wooden Bead Growth Charts.

We teamed up with our sweet friend at The Sercy Studio to create a unique and special baby gift to keep as a family heirloom.

The Story Behind Our Wooden Bead Growth Charts

This Spring I wanted to design a very special baby gift. I teamed up with my sweet friend, MacKenzie Williams, of The Sercy Studio. We created a unique version of a timeless, heirloom-worthy treasure with our Keepsake Growth Chart. We wanted to help new parents remember special moments + milestones year by year, and you can do just that with this special baby gift.

The Sercy Studio in Atlanta, GA hand-paints and hand-strings each wooden bead for us to create each treasured Growth Chart. Along with the Wooden Bead Chart we have designed a Keepsake Growth Card on a heavy-duty trifecta paper card for you to record each date, height + milestone captured over the years. Each growth chart also comes with an easy to hang twine loop and muslin bag for safe keeping.

You can also hang and display this beautiful, handmade piece in a baby nursery or child’s room year-round as decor. As each child begins to grow you can even hand-mark directly on the white beads, much like you would on the frame of a door, we use a Sharpie or gold marker.

Start at birth to mark their height by writing their name or a special symbol on the bead. Everyone uses their strand of beads in their own unique way. Each Growth Chart hangs at about 5 ft tall, and you are able to select your beads in blue, pink or grey.

Here at heirloomed, I am all about traditions and I wanted to design a product that could bring a new one to your family. This special strand of beads was inspired by those kitchen door frames where you used to stand each year and have a marker line and your initials added to the list. Every year on your child’s birthday you can set a reminder to chronicle their growth. You can record on the bead and also fill in the Keepsake Card with their age and a few milestones or memorable moments from that year.

Our Growth Chart Beads make a beautiful + meaningful new baby gift or baby shower gift for a new mom-to-be. I’d love to know your thoughts on this sweet new product + any ideas for how you would use our Wooden Bead Growth Charts. Let me know in the comments below.

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