The Kids Table.

If you know me, you know that I’m a big believer in sitting down together at the table as a family to enjoy a meal. One of my favorite things about our home is the kids table.

We have a little table that is perfectly sized for our three little kiddos to all sit together and eat. The main breakfast table in our kitchen is perfect for family supper, but it’s table + bench style so my littlest guy (how is he almost TWO?) is almost old enough to sit there on a daily basis and eat without us having to worry that he’ll fall off the back side. Thus, the kids table lives on. 

We have worked to make the kitchen, pantry and kids table super kid-friendly so our little guys can be independent and help right alongside us at meal time. We have little cups stacked in the pantry and a little step stool so they can grab a snack if they’re hungry, and keep stacks of dishes accessible for them too to help set the table.

One of my favorite things to collect is vintage enamelware because I love how simple and utilitarian the designs are, and because they are so sturdy and tend to hold up really well over the years. For this reason I also just love using enamelware for everyday dishes for our family. Unlike a heavy porcelain plate or bowl, if one of us happens to drop a dish it’s much safer and easier to clean up and we don’t end up having to throw away a broken dish.

My friends at Falcon Enamelware, an iconic brand out of England, send over some of their gorgeous pieces for us to enjoy in the pigeon grey color. Now, I haven’t met a piece of enamelware I didn’t like, but this grey has completely won me over. Above all else, beautiful and functional dishes for your family means you don’t have to use a bunch of mismatched plastic “kids wear” dishes or paper plates. Setting a meaningful table for the kids too certainly helps them to understand the importance of mealtime.

My little helpers love to set their table and I know it makes mealtime feel so much more special when we are all gathered around together. Giving them real table linens can also help set a proper tone too, without being to stuffy or formal. 

The kids are always charged with saying our mealtime blessing before we eat and I love the simplicity of their prayers. It formally marks the beginning of the meal and they’ve inspired a really special new collection that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

We’ve also been dining al fresco out on the patio recently with this gorgeous summer weather and that’s one place we can all comfortably sit around the table together. It’s certainly a different dynamic and a really casual atmosphere, and we usually have the music on the porch speakers. 

Love to know some of your favorite meal time rituals and tips for family dinners. #HEIRLOOMED

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