The Creation of Family Traditions: Remembrance

One of the best family traditions we have is one that was started just this year.  I cannot take credit (though, I wish I could) for my Mom and Sister are the geniuses behind this one.

Grandma passed away in April. Over the next few months, we took turns going through her belongings deciding what everyone wanted to keep, what was meaningful, and what was to be sold or donated. When we got to the jewelry box, we couldn’t decide the best way to share her collection of pieces that were meaningful to everyone.

So, we took turns going through and each picking out a piece of jewelry that we wanted, then passed the box around until everyone had picked several pieces.  We decided we would all have the pieces we selected for the next year.  At Christmas, we will wrap up each piece with a little note or a photograph of what that piece of jewelry “experienced” over the past year – where we have worn it, compliments we got on it, memories that we had while wearing it – and will give the gift to different members of our family to continue on the tradition.

I have enjoyed the pieces so much this year and can’t wait to spread them around and share my stories with the family.  And, what a wonderful way to celebrate Grandma during the holidays, each of us having on-going gifts in her memory that we can share for a lifetime!

I’m an old soul based in Atlanta, GA and mom of 3 with a deep love of all things from the past with a story to tell, on a mission to keep heirlooms around for another generation - whether it be a tradition, splattered family recipe, or historic home.

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