Moms in the Kitchen.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I thought it would be fun to look back into the archives at some of the photos we’ve captured over the years of Moms in the kitchen.

It’s a funny thing with the development of technology over the years the kinds of photos we take today versus those our grandparents did. The black and white photos of days past were filled with folks properly dressed at all times in every day moments, looking natural and so beautifully romantic. Today, you might be hard pressed to find a photo with Mom anywhere around.

One of my favorite suggestions for Mother’s Day (aside from an apron, of course) is gathering your family for a fun photo shoot. Something casual and “everyday” that lets the photographer capture the spirit of your family, personalities and a little slice of your life. I am so thankful for the treasured pictures I am able to have through my business, since I make my kiddos model aprons and recipe test all too often. But it’s given me the most beautiful collection to look back on and see how much they’ve grown in such a short time.

Moms are often in the kitchen a good bit. Fixing snacks, packing lunch boxes and preparing weeknight family dinners in a flash. Any time you’re able to take a step back and have a leisurely experience with your family and food is a great opportunity for your children to learn from you, just the way you learned from your own Mother or Grandmother in the kitchen.

Teaching them the fundamentals of a skill, letting them chop for the first time or measure and pour the flour, or letting them take the reins in learning a treasured family recipe provides them both a magical and memorable experience. Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to block of the day and just have a fun family baking activity, forgetting the mess of the flour and eggs (because, Dad) and taking in the moment to truly experience food and tradition with your family.

I hope you have enjoyed this little montage of photos. I wish I had so many of me when I was young cooking with my Mom because we did it so often! I’d love to have you share your own “mom and me” photos in the kitchen, cooking with your kids with #HEIRLOOMED and I’ll be sure to share them with our community.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.


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