Introducing our Studio Apron + Artist Collaboration.

Sometimes what starts as a small idea turns into a great big project that you love more than you could ever have imagined. And so, I introduce you to our brand new Studio Apron.

I’ve been painting more and more when I find the time (new pieces up on the site!) as I find it truly inspires me to be thoughtful and creative, and it’s a great use of those two minutes of personal time I find a month that make me feel completely disconnected and refreshed and accomplished. Wearing one of our kitchen aprons to protect my clothes while I paint was a given, until it came to me one night to design a unique apron just for the studio. But I needed more. I needed expert feedback from artists, true creatives who would use this piece day in and day out, to make this Studio Apron the best one out there thanks to the details. And so it began.

I reached out to a handful of amazing artists asking them to be a part of this little research project, to answer just a few questions. Some never responded, some couldn’t commit the time (which I can appreciate) but a few generously agreed to participate. I sent along my list of a few questions and in return got the most thoughtful and interesting feedback, beyond what I could have imagined.

The Details

There were a few specific comments from the artists individually that helped lead some important design details for the Studio Apron.

Wrap-around Waist Ties – this is a comment we often get in our kitchen aprons, one that most all our aprons have come to include. Waist ties that have the length to either tie in the back or fully wrap around to the front to tie help provide a more versatile fit on any body type and also be more flattering on most.

Non-Adustable Neck – this is not actually not a common suggestion but I loved it for the Studio Apron. It’s clean, sleek and so functional. More than any, this apron will likely hang in the studio to dry and will likely be worn for long periods of time so the comfort of this design detail is important as well.

While certain points were heavily divided among the group, there were a few similarities that stood out.

Movement – from the fabric weight to the apron length, all of the artists noted an importance to be free to easily move around unencumbered. I went with a shorter than normal length that is long enough to provide ample coverage for protection but still allow for maximum movement.

Pockets – much like the feedback we often get from the kitchen apron side, artists have a myriad of tools (trust me, they all listed them) to stash and have on hand at a moments notice. From brushes to paint tubes to scissors to cell phones, we added two main pockets to both store and protect the content inside.

Function – one of the biggest surprises to me was that none of the artists felt washability was important. A huge shocker for me as a messy cook coming from the kitchen apron world where my aprons are washed after nearly every use. This changed the details for me, and the way I thought about this piece as truly a “blank canvas” that was to one day be layered with paint and colors from works past.

The Inspiration

And so the design was inspired by the blank, gallery wrapped canvases of the studio. A clean, neutral palette that will allow each creative to add layers of a storied past, starting from scratch and building on their treasured craft. The cleanliness of the lines, the weight and color of the fabric playing of the wood and canvas pairing. The diagonal stitch details at the pockets were inspired by the corner staples, and add a level of reinforcement for all the tools of the trade that will surely be stashed inside. The finished product is one I’m proud of, beautiful and thoughtful and collaborative – no better qualities.

The Artists

The insanely talented group of artists who participated in this collaboration includes Britt Bass Turner, Kiki Slaughter, Sally King Benedict and Maggie Mathews. And what a bunch they are.

And so our collaboration (if you know me) obviously grew to extend far beyond the reach of answering a few short questions worth of feedback. These wonderful ladies are ones I’d call friends, truly the sweetest group around. They agreed to let us come in and shoot their studios, share their work and space. They agreed to let us shoot video clips, fit time into their busy schedules simply in the spirit of collaboration and generosity. And, equally exciting, they agreed to each do a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of art like no other for the launch of this new Studio Apron.

Each of these special artists


I’m an old soul based in Atlanta, GA and mom of 3 with a deep love of all things from the past with a story to tell, on a mission to keep heirlooms around for another generation - whether it be a tradition, splattered family recipe, or historic home.

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