HOW TO : Capture a Generations Family Photo.

There is just something special about certain traits and features and seeing where you have inherited them from. Since having kids I’ve really noticed how specifically I can pinpoint that my oldest son has my eyes, and my daughter’s teeth look just the same as my sisters little girl.

I inherited this remarkable photo (on the right) of four generations of my Grandfather’s side of the family. I say remarkable because he is actually the baby in the photo, which really goes to show you just how far back this special treasure goes.

I love the formality of their dress, although I know for the time in which this photo was taken this would certainly be considered a casual photo. A stuffy and staged family portrait it is not. It is unique that they had the thought and the foresight to take the time and effort on that day to capture these generations, sitting side by side and celebrating the lineage of this side of our family, the tradition of a last name. I think for guys it is particularly meaningful for that reason.

This photo struck me the moment my Grandmother explained the subjects to me and I knew in that very second that I would have one of my very own once I had children. I am sharing my own photo (left) that celebrates our first-born son, my husband, his father and grandfather – who has since passed away – and I’m so glad we took the photo just when Wyatt was born to capture this special generational look at our family. It is easy for me to see so many of the features they share, especially obvious when they are all lined up side-by-side here together.

As they say about second and third children, I’ve been a little lax in recreating these generation photos for each of my children but after exploring this story I realized that it was something I certainly will capture (another “to-do” for 2017). Although I generally print all my photos in black + white for decoration and display, this was one that had significant meaning to do so with as it is displayed on the bookshelf in our living room right next to the original inspiration.

Love to see your own “generations” photos, or know that you’ve been inspired to recreate this keepsake photo for your own family #HEIRLOOMED

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