Home Tour : Our Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen.

As part of our home tour and focus on interior design + decorating in our clean, farmhouse home that is scattered with vintage touches, this Kitchen Tour gives you a look into our own family kitchen with a full list of finishes + sources. See more of our Home Tour series here.

I get a lot of questions about my workspace but truth-be-told we spend so much time in the kitchen these days, testing out new and vintage products, styling and shooting new stories and entertaining. It’s the gathering place in our home and one where we spend wonderful family time too.

 I thought it was about time to give a little sneak peek into the details of our modern farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

I love testing out some of our product designs in my own kitchen. It helps me to see their functionality and how they hold up to wear and tear, and do so for the WoodKith side of the business too.

I wanted a bit of a cozy nook feeling to our range, tucked away into a vent that is hidden by the square, matte subway tiles that cover every wall in the whole kitchen. I loved the feeling of the tile against the shiplap wood ceilings and walls in the adjoining rooms. And, I always have my metal tea kettle on the stove, a vintage little nod that I still enjoy having handy and use so much especially in the colder months. It was a wedding gift from my stepmom and a must-have if you ask me!

We have a range of light grey and creamy to bright whites to lightening up our kitchen area, touched with dark accents like the heavy iron knobs, metal lighting and industrial bar stools. I love mixing in these more utilitarian elements and finishes to keep it simple and clean and give nod to that vintage feeling I love so much.

One of my biggest must-haves when I designed the kitchen was a large island workspace. No sink, no multilevel bar, just a big area that’s perfect for working and rolling dough and entertaining. This versatile space changes a lot as I love playing with the decorative elements but handy essentials like a seasonal candle, a fresh vase of flowers and my go-to snack bowl of pistachios are almost always a part of the assortment.

The large, rustic bulb tray that sits there now is the perfect size and place to keep everything contained without feeling too cluttered, and it’s easy to move in one swoop when I am needing the extra space for working in the kitchen. It’s also home to my little basket of collected vintage silverware and serving pieces.

Flanking each side and atop our refrigerator are glass cabinets filled with stacks of mismatched cream + white dishes, my favorite Le Creuset cookware in Dune and a host of mismatched cake plates, vases and vessels that are both handy and worthy of display. Along with my go-to collection of enamelware, both new and vintage, because it is truly the perfect dinnerware for families. I love stacks and pairings of objects in a kitchen and dining room, bringing collections of similar things or colors together helps to pull together the whole area in a more dramatic way.

And, did I mention they’re super functional and effortlessly easy to keep this way too. Never too neat but never too messy. Just my style.

I originally wanted to go with concrete countertops but functionally it wasn’t the best considering the wear and tear of someone who likes to cook a lot, or for a young and messy family. I ended up going with Caesarstone quartz in honed pebble to give the same look and color palette of the concrete I wanted design-wise.

The quartz is super durable, very low maintenance and I went with a 3″ mitered edge on our big kitchen island to really root the kitchen and give it some substance and dimensions against the regular thickness of the surrounding countertops.

If I had to do it all over again I’d go with quartz a hundred more times, and just two short years later there are so many new designs and colors for you to choose from. But honed is my favorite finish of all because it gives that same matte, earthly finish you’d find on a natural stone so it doesn’t come across looking too fancy or glossy, which really isn’t my look at all. The only drawback I’ve found to the honed finish is that it tends to show watermarks and spots a bit easier so you have to give it a good wipe down and dry as you clean up.

The large farmhouse sink was another must for me when designing the space. It offered the perfect touch of rustic with a vintage nod and all the functionality of a modern home. I knew I had to have a sink with a single, large basin instead of one that was divided into two sections thanks to my love of large pots, pans and dishes. The little metal wire sink insert in the bottom is also key to keeping your sink in good condition and not breaking (too many) wine glasses along the way.

And of course, no kitchen is complete without a vintage runner and a few pots of herbs or houseplants to keep things extra cozy against all the hard finishes in the room.

Our kitchen is open concept and feeds right into our breakfast table, which is perfect for cooking then dining around the family table together. The rustic metal pendants help to separate the space and I instantly fell in love with our Cow Painting by Atlanta-based artist, Dawn Raulet. And, though they took a lot of crazy hours + love to perfect, our boxed stairs with modern metal railings came together truly just as I had imagined they would.

We got to pick out these rustic old beams, which came from an old factory in Ohio that I’m told are over 200 years old, which is pretty remarkable. And the heavy duty breakfast table was custom made from live slab maple by my husbands company, WoodKith – the perfect place for us to gather around.

I had so much fun designing this special space for our family and seeing it come to life. I go Pinterest-crazy when it comes to loving kitchen spaces and I’d love to see some of your own favorite kitchen design details. Hope you enjoyed the little peek inside and it helps to visualize some of what you’re seeing from our own home studio and kitchen here on the site.


Additional Sources:

Cabinet Paint Color : Sherwin Williams, Silverplate

Countertops : Caesarstone Quartz, Honed Pebble

Appliances : Thermador


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