Heirloomed Travel : A Review of Vintage Pickin’

This year we attended the Vintage Pickin’ event in Taylors, South Caroline, just outside of Greenville. The event was filled with vendors from all over the country with an assortment of furniture, knick knacks and artwork. Each booth had the sweetest shopkeeper and we loved talking to each one hearing there stories and learning the stories behind these pieces they had brought to find a new home. We found some classic items we always stock in the shop, and a few new things as well.

A few helpful hints if you’re looking to attend this wonderful event. We purchased the Early Bird tickets, which was extremely because there were some pro shoppers at this event. Our recommendation would be to definitely do so, which allows you access in to shop a few hours before General Admission begins. Walk the entire floor once you arrive for a quick glance at everything and go ahead and buy or hold anything immediately that you cannot live without. Focus on the bigger pieces, like furniture or large standout pieces, because these were the things that went quickly and were already sold out by the time we got to the last booth at the back. Hey, you may even want to start there and work backwards for your best shot. Many designers and professionals snatch up these larger pieces, and I must say the pricing on these were pretty great in comparison to other larger vintage shows I’ve attended before.

Next walk the show again with a fine-tooth comb to find the rest of your treasures. Some vendors will even restock as the day goes on or refill the next day, so all hope is not lost. If you love a particular booth you can be sure to ask if they have any merchandise “in the back” that isn’t out yet and see if they’ll let you check it out. Remember you can always ask to see if you can get a better price or a bundle price with a vendor, while I didn’t see a ton of haggling folks in this space are used to being asked and they want to make the sale so give it a shot.

If you’re looking to exhibit at Vintage Pickin’, get creative because all of the booths + displays were fabulously thought out, functional yet really gorgeous to draw you in. I know this would be a hard set up and break down for sure.

Check out a few snapshots below of some of our favorite finds, and check out our vintage market round up here to see our list of must hit events.

Be sure to check out our post on antique shopping tips here, and let me know what markets you love to attend in the comments below.



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