Hand-Embroidery: Valentine’s Day

I tried my hand at this DIY craft to spruce up our Valentine’s Day napkins. Hand-embroidering this little added touch of love is a sweet + easy way to personalize your decor around the holidays.

Hand-Embroidery: Valentine’s Day

Today our marketing coordinator, Holly, is taking over the blog to share about hand-embroidery and DIY.

I am always excited to try out a new DIY or craft, especially when it is seasonally-inspired one. I thought hand-embroidering a few of our linen napkins would be a cute way to add a personalized and thoughtful touch to my Valentine’s table linens.

My inspiration stemmed from the sweet + simple messages on conversation hearts and the cheer they bring around Valentine’s Day. Not to mention another classic symbol of love: the arrow-through-a-heart shape we all know and love. The best part about sitting down to do this DIY was that I didn’t have to overthink it or make it complex. There were so many simple options to choose from based around the holiday that were quick and easy to pop on my linen napkins.

If you are looking for more support in how to get started with a simple embroidery craft, check the blog I wrote as an intern on DIY hand-embroidery.

Hand-Embroidered Linens for the Table

I’m planning to use these embroidered napkins on my Valentine’s Day table to bring the added pop of love for the holiday. By mixing our other table linens, a fresh bouquet of flowers, and my favorite meringue recipe, I am welcoming the season of love with open arms. The meringues in particular looked so beautiful next to this craft and encapsulated the romantic look I was going for.

Of course Valentine’s Day would not be complete without throwing a chocolate element into the mix. Check out this round up of chocolate desserts perfect to make for your loved ones (or just yourself). Indulge yourself with all the sweets this year and give a little extra sugar to someone you love.

DIY Ideas

Crafting and DIY-ing is one of my favorite memories I have with my granny. This idea of recreating and personalizing the things we love is one I want to pass down later in life to my kids too. If this seems like a DIY you would enjoy with your family, take a look at our blog on creating a Minted Valentine, another special way to create memories around this lovely holiday.

If you give this embroidering DIY a try, let us know if the comments below or tag us on social media @heirloomedcollection.

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