Grandma’s Candy Dish

I love telling the stories of meaningful vintage pieces, and Grandma’s Candy Dish is just one of the classics. Learn all about these little dishes and the stories behind them.

Grandma’s Candy Dish

Do all Grandmother’s have a candy dish on their counter? Tell me I am not alone in this revelation. I always remember my Grandma having a special little crystal candy dish sitting out in her kitchen filled with those little butter mints you often find in restaurants. My Grandfather was in the restaurant business at some point in his career so perhaps this inspired the selection. It was always something I could count on when visiting her home, sneaking a piece from time to time when no one was looking.

My stepmother always had a small cream colored crock bowl with a stripe, filled to the brim with Reece’s Pieces that I still love to snack on to this day whenever I visit. The little candy bowl is tucked on the kitchen counter, back where tiny hands couldn’t quite reach.

My husband’s Grandmother (Granny) also has a candy dish tradition, and I noticed it the first time I visited her at her home at the farm. Her dish is often filled with gumdrops, hard candies or York Peppermint patties. Once I spotted hers, it really made me realize how special these little candy dishes really are – just a sweet little token that Grandmas have to keep their home feeling warm and welcoming to guests, but especially to kids.

These little candy dishes are a great way to incorporate a family heirloom into your home. We sometimes get caught up on how “special” a certain dish we inherit is, and sometimes they just end up tucked away in the china cabinet for no one to ever see. Using a trinket dish, a cup or even a small little serving piece is the perfect way to honor + celebrate the dish.

This is also a great way to use a unique little trinket dish you spot at your local antique store. We all know the stores are filled with the cutest little dishes, and filling them with candy is the perfect way to actually utilize them. From bone dishes to ashtrays to sugar + creamer sets and beyond. Use your imagination and continue this tradition in your own home.

I’d love to hear if your Grandma has her own little candy dish, and what she fills it with. Also, be sure to check out the shop for some of our favorite dishes to bring into your home.

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