Fresh Mint Ice Cubes

These fresh mint ice cubes are my favorite thing to add to my lemonade in the summer. The fresh mint flavor and smell is unmatched in my opinion.

Fresh Mint Ice Cubes

Shane and I got married at the most wonderful farm outside of Atlanta called Serenbe in the dead of Summer, my favorite time of the year. The beautiful property was filled with blooming flowers, climbing roses and more fresh mint than you’ve ever seen. The Farmhouse restaurant used mint as ground cover for each flower bed surrounding the old building, providing both a gorgeous green vision as well as the aroma of fresh mint if you walked by.

Inspired by those gardens + the memories of our best day, I too decided to use mint in my front yard gardens to fill the void. Over the years it has spread and sprawled, and in a few more I think it will completely cover every square inch of anything that has been left unplanted (fair warning if you’re planning to jump on board) but I do love it so much and always have an abundance of mint at hand during the Spring and Summer months. Oh, and did I mention it practically grows itself? Effortless gardening is big in my book.

As we say goodbye to Summer, I am scrambling to find something to do with the mint and flowers before I loose them for the season. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite things to do with fresh herbs, especially if you love entertaining.

Frozen herbed ice cubes are so simple, so gorgeous and such a thoughtful little hit for your next party. And, you can really make these with any edible flower or herb that you’d like so feel free to shake things up. I just have a whole yard full of mint I’m trying to utilize here so that’s what I went with, and the freshness of the mint flavor is so easy to use with nearly any drink pairing (plain water included).

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Fresh Mint Ice Cubes

  • Author: Heirloomed Collection


These refreshing ice cubes are both simple and beautiful.


  • Hot water
  • Bundle of fresh mint leaves
  • Ice cube tray


  1. Pick your fresh mint from the garden and wash well with cold water, pat to dry.
  2. Pluck mint leaves from the stems and lay several leaves in each hole in your empty ice tray. Carefully fill your ice tray with warm to hot water and fill completely.
  3. Set your ice tray in the freezer for at least two hours, or until cubes are fully frozen. Remove ice cubes and enjoy!

A few tips, if you want a nice clear ice cube without any of the cloudy fog be sure to use warm to hot water when you fill your trays. Also, if you can find “pretty ice” it makes all the difference. I used this vintage metal ice tray (have you shopped our Vintage Goods yet?) but also love using the square 1” silicone cubes or even the sphere ice maker, especially for a punch bowl.

I have certainly found too that keeping these on hand makes me drink more plain water too, giving it a pretty (and tasty) pop of flavor and color. You can even freeze a few pieces of fresh fruit or strawberry tops in your cubes for another hit of flavor.

Love to know how you’re using your herbs at home, and what other kinds of ice cubes you’re making! #HEIRLOOMED



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