Collection of Tiny Vintage Wrist Watches.

A vintage wrist watch is such a classic piece to own. read below as a walk you through the sweet details found in my Grandmothers collection of both intricate and classic styles.

Collection of Tiny, Vintage Wrist Watches

I love sharing the stories behind each of my treasured heirlooms. This collection of tiny little wrist watches are ones I gathered from the “leftovers” of my grandmother’s jewelry box. Many of them have bands that were broken over the years, some of them have stopped working, and others still just need a good wind or a new battery to breathe new life into them.

For the past decade or so oversized watches – check out this one in the shop here – have been on trend. It’s easy to say these little gems have been tucked away just waiting for their time (no pun intended…) and place to make an appearance again.

I always remember my Grandma wearing these tiny elastic watches that simply stretched over her hand. The collection ranges from perfectly functional and utilitarian Timex varieties to teeny, intricately designed watches with little floral details. A far cry from the overly-digital watches we’re used to today that can not only tell time but also the weather, notify you of your latest text and change the channel on the TV. Pros and cons, I suppose.

One of my favorite finds among this treasure trove were the thoughtful engravings that several of the watches have on their backside. Interestingly, two were dated 1945, one my Great Grandmother (Nana’s) and one my Grandma’s. “AMM / XMAS / ’45” reads my Nana’s watch. Her first name was Alma, a name I love still for today, and the tiny face on the watch could only handle her initials. I can imagine her opening it up on Christmas morning, a gift I can only assume she received from my Great Grandfather. My Grandmother’s watch is a bit larger and more of an everyday look, with her full name Cecile R. Longley.

The collection is a treasure and I keep toying with exactly what to do with them. As you know, I think it’s a shame to just have them sit in a box. I love the collection together so I’ve thought of having them all made into one piece of jewelry, like a bracelet or necklace of some sort.

But more than anything I’d love to restore a few of them, especially those with the engravings, so that I can rotate them into my everyday wardrobe. I most certainly see the opportunity for the tiny wrist watch to stake its claim again, trendspotters beware. I’m calling this one and can dream of designing a little vintage-inspired collection of these tiny watches for today’s “it-girl.”

Love to know what you think of the vintage wrist-watch. Do you have any in your collection? Do you see this being a trend we can all get on board with? #HEIRLOOMED


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