Back of the Bag Recipes.

As if we are heading back in time before Pinterest existed, we are going to try out a few of the best “back of the bag” recipes that are stored on your pantry shelf.

Back of the Bag Recipes.

Back before the days of Pinterest, I used to keep a great big notebook filled to the brim of recipes, design ideas I loved, wedding details and even baby names all archived for me to one day pull from. I’d rip them out of magazines and carefully paste them in one by one. I still have that binder today.

My Grandma’s version of this was similar, only she collected the recipes from advertisements, newspaper clippings and recipes her neighbors + friends would share with her from time to time.

As I sift through some of our “old family favorites” it always strikes me how some of the recipes we grew up with from long ago are actually just go-old “back of the bag” classics from some of the brands we love.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are made straight from the Nestle bag, and the Hershey’s Chocolate Frosting recipe is the best around.

These are the tried and true ones that we go back to year after year, but in days past when folks didn’t have the Internet to Google any recipe at a moments notice, they had to rely on what they had on hand. Scouring their pantry and thankful for those smart brand marketers that new by including recipe cards and recipes printed on the sacks they would garner some pretty happy housewives who would become long-time fans of their product.

The brand marketer in me loves this notion.

Just before I went away to college my Grandmother gifted me with an amazing binder, broken into sections with pasted in recipes she had been collecting for me for years. She pasted my homecoming picture into it at the beginning and noted that these basic recipes would get me through while I was still learning to cook on my own.

I love this treasure and it still sits in my pantry next to my “professional” cookbook collection that I’ve amassed over the years. It’s a wonderful reminder of the foundations she laid and while I don’t pull it out too often to cook from any more, I do still grab that sack of chocolate chips off the shelf anytime I’m making Chocolate Chip Cookies for the kiddos.

I’d love to know what “back of the bag” recipes you love to make as staples for your family! #HEIRLOOMED

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