a pantry appeal.

One of my very favorite things when I was young, was playing inside my Grandmothers pantry.
It wasn’t very large, just a simple nook with two shuttered doors, but inside was a world of entertainment and exploration. Grandma had a thing about organization, repurposing and efficiency. The shelves were lined with glass jars and canisters of various sizes, each plainly labeled in her handwriting.

My Grandfather worked for a restaurant in South Florida and many of the larger glass canisters were from marachino cherry supplies at the restaurant, the perfect size for basics like flour, sugar and the likes.

My sister and I would spend hours organizing and sorting through the jars – from red hots to butter mints, powdered sugar to brown. Never was the pantry without such staples as Grapenuts and gingersnaps.

To this day I love the allure of an organized pantry, much like an old general store. What is your favorite pantry tip?

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I’m an old soul based in Atlanta, GA and mom of 3 with a deep love of all things from the past with a story to tell, on a mission to keep heirlooms around for another generation - whether it be a tradition, splattered family recipe, or historic home.

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