A Family Day at the Farm.

I think for each of us there are those special places from our childhood that we remember and connect with, looking back fondly upon even into adulthood. For me, those places are the ones we traveled to year after year – our cabin in the mountains, our hometown beach and a few other spots + experiences along the way. For my husband, it’s the farm.

He has been coming to the family farm since birth and I’ve heard story after story of their many experiences. From hunting trips to 4-wheeling accidents to fishing at the big lake, you can almost see the rich history and all the memories as you walk around the property and hear the stories being told.

We visit the farm often, several times a month, as it’s only about an hour and fifteen minutes from our home in Atlanta. His parents now live there full time, along with several other family members who live nearby – and it’s the perfect meeting spot between his brother and sister’s families too.

We lived here at the farm in Monticello for 9 months while we were building our house, while our oldest two were just tiny tots. During that time the kids developed such a deep love and appreciation for the farm, experiences I know they will carry with them their entire lives. I love watching them soak in all the goodness of being kids, spending their childhood running around, laughing with their cousins and feeding the animals. It’s such a special place.

I post a lot about “the farm,” especially on Instagram, because there is so much beauty and history there. People often ask me about it and sometimes assume we live there thanks to this frequency so I thought it would be fun to share more often here on the blog about our time spent at one of our favorite family places.

I had to edit pretty heavily because Heidi got so many wonderful images that are so special to me. There are so many other special spots and details from the farm that I can’t wait to share with you in future posts. And so many special activities throughout the year that we do at the farm – the local rodeo, dove hunt, fishing and pecan picking – that I’ve penciled in for the remainder of the year.

There are a few apple trees on the property, tucked down in a field where you can always count on seeing deer who are grazing on those few that have fallen to the ground. The kids love to pick the apples and gather enough to go around feeding all the animals.

The horses, pigs, donkeys and ponies love the apples and come running when they see they’re about to be fed. The goats, however, much prefer a sleeve of crackers. And there’s even a little black cat that lives in the hay loft of the old barn on the front of the property. The youngest donkey named Jolene, a tiny white pony named Magic, and a 300-ish lb. pig named Trooper are probably the most memorable of the crew.

As Mother’s Day grows near I especially love seeing little glimpses into my sweet family and watching as the days fly by. With Summer nipping at our heels, I’m looking for some really great experiences to do as a family. Very simple, bucket-list type things that I look fondly back on from my own childhood.

Love to know some of your favorite simple things to do with your own family so I can get our little Summer bucket list together! But I’m sure our Summer days will find us many times just running around at the farm.  Oh, and stay tuned for an absolutely beautiful look into the town of Monticello, GA that is coming up soon. I promise, it’s one you don’t want to miss.



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