Outdoor Fall Wine Tasting

Learn how to host a fall outdoor wine tasting for the perfect girls’ night in. Grab your friends and your favorite bottle of Layer Cake wine for the perfect cozy gathering. This post has been sponsored by Layer Cake Wine. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Outdoor Fall Wine Tasting

Fall is the perfect time to host a cozy outdoor gathering. I wanted to use our little wood shed in the backyard to host a girls’ night in. The night was filled with good food, great company, and—of course—delicious Layer Cake Wines.

I filled the woodshed with cozy blankets and a large table with seating for gathering around and chatting long into the night. The air was crisp, and the atmosphere was just perfect with all the fall foliage around us. I foraged a few autumn branches from the trees for the centerpiece to add a rustic and organic pop of color. The black and white gingham linens also layered in nicely as a seasonal touch that softened the hard lines of the wood that surrounded us.

Wine Tasting at Home

I set up a Wine Tasting for the ladies with a variety of Layer Cake Wines, perfect for sipping on and finding our favorites. The selection of wines included Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and beyond from their collection. The reds were the perfect nod to the fall season, but you can certainly mix in whites as well.

The Malbec is from Argentina and was a light, fruity wine. I have always enjoyed Malbec personally, but a few ladies in our group had never tried it before and really fell in love with this bottle during our tasting! The Cabernet Sauvignon is from Northern California vineyards, a truly classic red that is an easy go-to when you’re looking for a nice bold glass of red wine. Everyone loved this classic.

Pinot Noir is another personal favorite of mine, and theirs is from Central Coast vineyards in California. Everyone was familiar with the Pinot and this seemed to be the wine everyone voted for before we began the tasting, thinking they’d like it the most. But the winner in our group was the bottle of Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet. A beautiful bottle, the wine is from Northern California and is aged for over 3 years in charred oak barrels from some of America’s finest bourbon distilleries.

We all tasted a little from each and then discussed which varieties we preferred the best and attempted to pick the flavor profiles and notes that we are always hearing about. For us, it was more about the fun of sampling and enjoying good company that truly breaking down the history and theory of wine itself, so find the tasting style that’s right for you and your guests. The wine tasting was such a fun activity for us to enjoy together.



My Go-To Bottles of Wine

I love the beautiful bottles + labels as they made for a lovely table-scape addition with no effort required.

It’s easy to create your own wine tasting at home, and gives your guests a little structure and something to do beyond just sitting around and nibbling. And, I love knowing that the Layer Cake Wines are authentically made and delicious, so no matter which variety we tasted I knew the girls would love them all.

It can be hard walking into a grocery store or wine shop with so many choices. Knowing I can run in and grab a bottle of Layer Cake Wines on my way to a dinner party or event eases that stress of bringing a bottle of wine that I don’t love once we open it, saving me time and giving me peace of mind, too.

Wine Tasting Food Pairings

We had a perfect start to the evening and began enjoying an array of Fall-themed appetizers along with our wine. The table was filled with cozy fall foods that included a deconstructed mozzarella and arugula salad with a balsamic drizzle, a fall-take on a grilled cheese (grilled brie + green apples) and, of course, an overflowing charcuterie board. The board featured all of my favorites, from olives to crackers to pretzel bites, salami, and several different cheeses. A simple bowl of bright red + yellow apples pulled it all together.

When pulling together your Wine Tasting Menu, consider good food and wine pairings. Also, take into consideration good finger foods and the time of day you’ll be hosting your tasting to ensure you’re giving your guests enough food to be a good balance for the wine they’ll be enjoying at the event.

The Perfect Girls’ Night In

Our outdoor fall wine tasting was just the perfect event for a girls night in. It was so fun dressing in our favorite cozy clothes, sitting by the fire, laughing, and enjoying good company. I just loved styling the woodshed this way, and of course drinking our Layer Cake Wine was the cherry on top of the night.

I’d love to hear your tips for hosting a wine tasting of your own and learn what your favorite variety of Layer Cake Wine is – click here to find a bottle of Layer Cake Wine near you.

I’m an old soul based in Atlanta, GA and mom of 3 with a deep love of all things from the past with a story to tell, on a mission to keep heirlooms around for another generation - whether it be a tradition, splattered family recipe, or historic home.

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