Meet the Artist : Emily Pope Harris

As part of our Meet the Artist series, meet Charleston, South Carolina Artist Emily Pope Harris who is “inspired by old things.” She is a fine art artist and also restores and paints custom walls as well.

Meet the Artist: Emily Pope Harris

If you know me at all, then you know I am a lover of history and all things old. I instantly have a connection with other Old Souls and Emily Pope Harris was no exception. I was introduced her work over on Instagram, and quickly became a fan of her paintings. It’s easy to see she draws her inspiration from her travels and things that have a weathered patina.  Her art exudes the same emotion you get from such objects.

About Artist Emily Pope Harris

Raised in the South, I have an innate love for beautiful, time-worn architecture that lines the streets of Charleston, Savannah and the like. History speaks to me, and I channel that passion into fine art and custom walls that will transport others to another place and time or remind them of their own travels or experiences.

Whether adding a custom finishing on walls or fireplaces, or creating a piece of fine art for a home or business, I strive to tell a story with my work. I honor historic ruins and architecture of decades past, infusing my personal interpretations throughout. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Fine Art Paintings

Much like an old wall in an ancient city, Harris tells a beautiful story with her artwork. Each piece is filled with texture and weathered patina. I love her neutrals and how each piece is completely unique. In a new home where character can be lacking, her art is a beautiful way to fill your walls with depth.

Custom Walls

As part of her art, Emily also has a beautiful way of transforming buildings & interiors with custom walls.  I’ve seen her transform everything from a brick wall to a fireplace mantle in way that completely transforms the space. A wonderful niche for her art, especially in the town of Charleston where she calls home.

Studio of Emily Pope Harris

We were thankful to work with Emily on a custom Studio Apron for her use in her studio, embroidered with her initials “EPH” which she thoughtful adds to the corner of each of her paintings. I love the clean canvas of the aprons and how they quickly take on the look of a painting from each artist who wears it. Even her daughter loves it.

I hope you’ll give Emily a follow in Instagram (I love her witty, dry humor too) and continue to be inspired by her work over on her website at www.emilyharrisart.com.

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