Why I Love Everlane for Essentials

Over the course of creating my capsule wardrobe, I have fallen in love with the timeless, high-quality pieces from Everlane that are #newforspring. This is a post in partnership with our friends at Everlane, All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Capsule Wardrobe Spotlight: Everlane

If you have been following me, you know that I love finding good-quality, classic pieces to add to my capsule wardrobe. So I was so excited to share the outfit sent to me from my friends at Everlane that I will be wearing on repeat as we transition to spring weather here in Georgia.

There are so many reasons that I keep coming back to Everlane. From the quality of the pieces, to the thoughtful branding details they incorporate into their clothing, and the classic silhouettes they create, I am hooked on this brand.

Quality Pieces from Everlane

The pieces I have from Everlane are cornerstones in my closet for their comfort and versatility. I have been able to effortlessly transition the pieces from season to season in a way that is apt for my role as a business owner and mom. One of my absolute favorite pieces I got this winter was the Oversized Alpaca Crew in almond color. I was obsessed with this piece all winter and loved the balloon sleeve detail of the sweater.

Furthermore, you can just tell a difference in the fabrics and fit of their pieces. I can count on Everlane’s pieces to last for years, not just the current season like many fast fashion brands these days.

Everlane Details

The sizing and fit of the clothes from Everlane was super impressive. When online shopping, I get bogged down in trying to figure out what size and cut is best for me. But time and time again, Everlane’s clothing has fit me very true to size, with more of a tailored, custom fit than you normally find.

I ended up sizing up on the trench coat as I often do for outerwear, but definitely could have stuck with the true-to-size reference as it was indeed, a size up on me. However, since it was outerwear, I decided to keep the oversized trench look regardless.

Okay, onto my favorite part about these Everlane items: the branding details. As a designer and owner of my own business, I think it is in my DNA to constantly see the branding efforts from other companies. The simple Everlane “E” stitched on the crew neck sweater sleeve and jean pocket was understated in the best way and stood out as such a thoughtful detail to me.

Why We Love Everlane

With new styles and trends changing and emerging each day, I love having a capsule wardrobe to work with as a strong basis for my day-to-day style. I believe creating a capsule wardrobe all comes back to finding pieces that you love and make you feel comfortable in your own skin. It is evident that Everlane has put thought into creating everyday pieces that women can feel confident in.

What’s more, Everlane’s brand transparency is admirable. I love how they are spearheading the fashion industry with a breakdown of their processes to both educate and connect with their audience. If you cannot tell by now, I am such a fan of the Everlane brand.

My Capsule Wardrobe Outfit from Everlane

I had the best time picking out my outfit with Everlane for my Spring capsule wardrobe. Here is a quick rundown of the pieces I received and my thoughts:

  • The Cashmere Crew in Canvas
    • I have loved, LOVED, having this sweater in my closet. The fit is fantastic, the color is beautiful, and I especially love the E stitch on the sleeve. I personally love a crew neck style for myself and the quality cashmere adds an extra boost to this wardrobe essential.
  • The Italian Leather Day Glove in Tan
    • They were not joking around when they named these flats “glove.” It truly feels like you are putting gloves onto your feet when you put these on. I had a really hard time selecting the color here because there are so many wonderful neutral options but the tan range was what I needed in my current assortment. These are so comfortable, with two tiny vent holes in the arch for extra benefit.
  • The Gathered Drape Trench in Black
    • As I mentioned earlier, I sized up in this trench but could have benefited from staying true to size. Since it’s outerwear, I’m not mad that it fits a little oversized on me, especially because I love that look. The tailoring here is great and all the details are true to a classic trench. I almost went with the camel but you can’t go wrong here.
  • The Original Cheeky Jean in Coal, Ankle fit
    • Ok, I’ve heard raving reviews of the Everlane denim so I was excited to finally give it a try. I have been looking for more of a straight leg Jean, so the original cheeky fit the bill here. These jeans were stellar for many reasons. First, the style of the jean is super flattering. I loved being able to choose between the ankle or regular length they offer, as I’m only 5’5 and often have to hem or alter the length. Additionally, the jeans fit well throughout the day and are super versatile for styling. They don’t stretch out in awkward places as many other jeans do. They are thick, hit your curves in all the right places, and are a rich black color. I was also able to easily transition them from a morning meeting to an afternoon of practices with my kids.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with our friends at Everlane. This is not a paid post however we received complimentary items from them to try out. Please know I only post about brands that I love and that are an authentic fit to our real lifestyle. Sponsored collaborations like these help us to provide stories here on our site.

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