Introducing our Collaboration with Southern Andiron & Tool Co.

We are so excited to introduce our new collaboration with Southern Andiron & Tool Co. Based in Atlanta, GA, they hand-forge all of their products in their studio workshop. Our collection consists of a Leather Fire Apron, Metal Apron Hook + a Blacksmith Dinner Triangle Bell. Learn more about our Southern Artisan Collection and how this made in the USA company is keeping the craft of the blacksmith alive.


I am beyond thrilled to be sharing our special friends, Trey & Marjorie Miller of Southern Andiron & Tool Co. with you today. They are neighbors and friends of ours, with a passion for the fire and the fireplace. We live in Atlanta and I must say they have a fire most every day of the year in their home, with a large masonry fireplace they have built and rebuilt over the years into perfection.

southern andiron tool company

Trey has been working hard to learn and perfect the craft of blacksmithing, working with metal, gathering his own tools and a big anvil, and digging deep into researching the art form. They have a simple mantra, Come Sit by the Fire With Us, that rings true with all they do. They have a growing collection of beautiful Andirons, drawing a lot of inspiration from vintage pieces and staying true to the form and function of an andiron to make a beautiful fire.

Southern Andiron & Tool Co

Southern Andiron & Tool Co

Fire has long been a communal gathering place of the home, back in the older days folks used fires to heat their home, light their home, and cook meals for their families. While andirons have a decorative element and make a beautiful statement in your fireplace, they also serve to properly hold the firewood, circulate air flow to feed the flames, and house the coals that help to keep your fire burn long and hot.

Southern Andiron has also designed many other beautiful+ functional hand-crafted pieces, such as fireplace tools, fireplace screens and beyond. They were recently the overall Home category winner for the Garden & Gun Made in the South Awards and have designed custom pieces for many well-known resorts, hotels + lodges.

handmade apron by southern andiron

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Southern Andiron through our Southern Artisan Collection for a handful of beautiful new pieces, including the Blacksmith Dinner Triangle Bell, Leather Fire Apron and Hand Forged Apron Hook . I love a product that is utilitarian, beautifully hand-crafted with a touch of uniqueness to each one that makes each piece truly special and one-of-a-kind.

handmade apron by southern andiron



Hear more about the founder, his inspiration and see behind-the-scenes on how these special pieces are made.



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