How to Dehydrate Oranges

Sharing all of the details on how to dehydrate oranges at home in a food dehydrator. This super simple process gives you beautiful, dried oranges to garnish your favorite dishes and cocktails with.

How to Dehydrate Oranges

Growing up in Florida, one of the most nostalgic tastes and smells to me is a fresh, juicy orange. I love their bright and refreshing taste and the pop of color they add to a table.

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a kitchen champion in and of itself, but I love using the fruit in other drinks too as a garnish — fresh or dried, winter or summer.

I wanted to share how I easily dehydrate oranges at home with my trusty fruit dehydrator and a little bit of time and patience.

Steps for Dehydrating Fruit

First, I start out by slicing up oranges, about a quarter of an inch thick. I usually dehydrate my oranges in batches, making many at a time, so that I can stock up on them and store them for later use.

The fruit dehydrator I use is the NESCO Food & Jerky Dehydrator. I lay out my orange slices on the stackable dehydrator trays and put the settings to 130 degrees for about 2 days. Depending on how dried out you want your oranges and how thickly you sliced the rounds, you may need to eye-ball it for more or less time. I usually consider them complete when they have a translucent quality.

When time is up, I take out the oranges and store them in glass jars. As I mentioned before, I like having these dried oranges pre-made and in my fridge so that I can easily pull them out for a weekend cocktail or garnish in my kitchen.

After being dehydrated, these oranges last in the fridge for a substantial amount of time. My research says that you can keep the dehydrated oranges around for up to 2 years, but mine never make it that long before getting used up in a cocktail, recipes, or decor in my home.

Dried Orange Garnish

I find the dehydrated oranges slices to be the most thoughtful, beautiful, (and easy) touch to add to a cocktail recipe. They easily freshen up a drink and are a wonderful thing to have on hand in your kitchen.

I highly recommend you try out dehydrating oranges, or any other fruit, to really up your hosting and cocktail-making game. Would love to hear what you try out and any tips or tricks I have missed here!

One of Shane and my’s favorite ways to use these dehydrated oranges is in an Old Fashioned cocktail. The orange garnish adds a fresh smell to the drink and elevates the classic cocktail’s look. I also love using them as garland during the holidays with cranberries & cinnamon sticks to decorate the mantle or railing on the stairs.

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