Dried Hydrangeas

Create year-round floral decor for your home with dried hydrangeas. Effortlessly spruce up your home with this low-maintenance floral hack.

Dried Hydrangeas

Having a floral element present in my home always brings me joy & helps me feel like my house is that much more put together. While grabbing a fresh bouquet every other week from the store seems reasonable in theory, life catches up with you and this small act can be put on the back burner.

I love using dried hydrangeas as an easy way to have florals in my home year round. They are versatile, low-maintenance, and eye-catching around the home. I love popping my dried hydrangeas in oversized vases as an easy kitchen island center piece or focal point for my coffee table.

How To

Creating this dried floral element for your home is quite easy, & beautiful! The ease of this floral arrangement makes it such a value-add to me, and a key component that keeps me coming back to this home decor tip.

There are a few ways you can execute this dried flower look. I usually cut these dried bushels from my yard, where I grow hydrangeas, when it reaches fall or winter. The flowers naturally dry out on the bush, and I am able too take them off while they are still intact.

Another way to execute this hack is by purchasing hydrangeas from the store. Before the flowers are too dried out from your original arrangement in your home, hang your flowers upside down in your laundry room or kitchen for a few weeks. I usually clip the end of the stems to pants hanger with clips, but you can also clip them to clothes pins on a string, or whatever you have readily available.

After a few weeks, you should see that the flowers have dried out, while gravity has helped you with keeping the top petals from staying perky. After you have given these time to dry, you are ready to add these to your home however you please!

Decorating with dried hydrangeas

As mentioned, dried hydrangeas make decorating low fuss. Don’t over think using them in your home — pop as many or as few bouquets of these around your home to add texture and color. I love having a variety of dried hydrangea bushel colors to work with as you can see in the photos. I use the greener hydrangeas year round, and love the look of popping in the brown bouquets during fall and winter especially.

Decorating your home with this floral hack? Connect with us on Instagram to share photos and stories, we would love to hear how it is going for you!

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