Darien Rozell of Pantry Hill

Darien Rozell of Pantry Hill

Darien Rozell and her family have mastered the art of beautiful, slow-living on their family farm in Saratoga Springs, NY. Her farm, Pantry Hill, and is named for the food and nourishment it provides her family. Additionally, Pantry Hill has provided the Rozells a space to keep their family recipes and traditions alive for another generation, all while passing these teachings down to their three young boys in the kitchen and garden. Darien believes food brings people together, and I could not agree more.

I have long-admired Darien’s family’s lifestyle she shares from her spot on Pantry Hill. Over the years, we have championed each other from afar as content creators and lovers of family heirlooms. Darien’s lifestyle reminds us to take a moment to slow down and enjoy family and keepsakes. I wanted to take the time to highlight her beautiful work at Pantry Hill.

At Pantry Hill

Pantry Hill is in the same tiny village that Darien’s family has lived in for generations. She spends time in her garden and kitchen, teaching her kids the practices she learned from her family before her. With a strong connection to their land, and a love for home-cooked recipes, the Rozells always seem to be creating something beautiful.

With fresh ingredients from the garden, Darien has shared her favorite recipes to create with her boys. Better yet, Darien shared this delicious Honey Beer Bread recipe with us to share with you all, and it could not be more delicious. Highly, highly recommend you try baking this bread at home – the best part? It takes under an hour.

I just love Darien’s content and her authentic use of old and new things alike in her home. The juxtaposition between fresh, new produce growing in her garden again the tried-and-true recipes that have been passed down to her pose a beautiful image.

A Family Heirloom Series: Serveware

Darien holds her family heirlooms near and dear to her heart, making sure to incorporate their meaning and use into her day-to-day life. She was so kind to share this story of her family heirlooms with us as a part of our Family Heirloom Series.

Darien’s beautiful antique serve ware was passed down to her from all branches of her family tree. This is a special collection she is able to use with her family in her home, kitchen, and garden today. Read more about her family heirloom story below!

Darien’s Family Heirloom

Here at Pantry Hill, we’re fortunate to be the keepers of many family heirlooms. Each piece holds a place of honor in our hearts, our story, and our home.

Bringing friends and family together with homegrown food from our garden and kitchen is the soul of Pantry Hill. This is why our antique serve ware is our most treasured collection. The pieces were inherited from different branches of our family tree: my great-great grandmother’s ironstone plates and platters, as well as her silverware; my husband’s great-great grandparent’s silver candlesticks engraved with their monogram; my great grandmother’s silver tea tray. All of which we actually use, because, while precious, they’re also just things. Things that were loved and are meant to be loved.

The pieces are stored on open shelving in the kitchen and pantry so we can access, use, and admire them. There’s something particularly special about plating our food on dishes that have served our family for generations.

Join the Family Heirloom Conversation

Do you have a special heirloom in your family that you want to share with us? We would love to include you in our Family Heirloom Series! Reach out to us on social media to continue the conversation.

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