Barn Light Electric Roundup

This story is part of our Basement Renovation series, where we design + build out our modern farmhouse style basement for use with our young family and small business studio space in our home. Follow the whole series here. This is a sponsored post with our friends at Barn Light Electric Company.

Barn Light Electric Roundup

We have finally completed our Basement Renovation and I had to take some time to celebrate all of the special details that truly helped to transform this space. I have long loved the farmhouse simplicity of gooseneck lighting, the kind you see on the side of an old barn passing down a back country road. The metal with a slight patina and porcelain fixtures in a variety of colors for accent have always caught my eye and my friends at Barn Light Electric Company have been the masters of this farmhouse staple.

Barn Light Electric Co Lighting

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite silhouettes + lighting types from the Barn Light Electric site, where you can master a variety of design aesthetics for your space – from farmhouse to modern farmhouse, schoolhouse, industrial, vintage, nautical and beyond.

Gooseneck Lighting

Gooseneck has long been a staple in the farmhouse genre. A true classic that we’ve seen for generations in just about any color you can imagine. We utilized this style all throughout our home, as I really wanted the simplicity and structure of the shape to standout. I love that you can add a pop of color by using these pieces as an accent, or as I did, go with a neutral that blends with your palette and let the shape + silhouette of the piece be your statement. I went for a more flat shade in the kitchen area over the sink (Dominion Wall Sconce), and more of a traditional, rounded gooseneck in the powder room (Avalon Wall Sconce).

These are a few of my favorite gooseneck lights from over on their site, but you can click here to see so many more shapes + styles they have in their collection. And, the best thing about each of their fixtures is that you can pick all of the selections + finishes because each piece is custom made to order here in the USA.

A few things I like to keep in mind when measuring  + planning for a gooseneck in my space. The arm length, or how far the light extends from the wall, is important especially if this is a main light source for your room is important because it’s a downlight so for example if you’re mounting this over a sink I like to try to see if I can get the light fixture to relatively line up somewhere over the drain hole if I can. Also, the shade size is important for scale so it can be good to get a round object like a plate or a cut circle to hold up where you’re placing this fixture just to make sure the shade isn’t over (or under!) whelming for the space.


Ceiling Lights + Pendants

Lights that hang from the ceiling might just be some of the most fun to dream about and plan in your space. They can make SUCH a dramatic statement, even when you choose a really simple light fixture. Playing with scale, color or shape are all really fun ways to add a little drama in your space and Barn Light makes it extra fun with all the options you can choose from (can we talk about the option to customize their cloth cords or stripes!).

Barn Light Electric Co Farmhouse Light

The very first thing I picked out in the entire basement were these oversized, white pendants for the kitchen island (Wilcox Uplight Chain Hung Pendant in 18″ shade). I knew against all of the wood on the ceiling and the shiplap walls that these would give me exactly the look I was going for, staying true to farmhouse simplicity but making the space feel very clean + modern too. I am so in love with them and even with a white shade, the size and scale of them with all of the other finishes make them such a statement for the whole space.

I also wanted to pull in a little vintage with our guest room bath, so I knew this schoolhouse-inspired pendant (Primary Schoolhouse Pendant Light) would set the perfect tone to transform this little space. I went back and forth a thousand times on cord color, number + color of stripes, etc. but settled on this timeless combination that now hangs over the sink. While wall mounts are commonplace in a bathroom, I beg you to consider a pendant here for such a fun twist with plenty of light for all your makeup needs.

Barn Light Electric Co Farmhouse Gooseneck Light

And, I did a few flush mount ceiling lights as well. These are a great way to add a little statement and light needed with more design detail than a can light will provide. I added the option of a cage to this one for our powder room (The Original Warehouse Flush Mount Pendant Light in a 14″ size with galvanized cage), which I just adore. It also compliments the neighboring gooseneck well and I set them apart even further by going with the grey here instead of white and white. I also got a large one for Wyatt’s bedroom because he needed more light up there and it gives such a great, cool look for a boys room (but more on that later!)

These are a few of my favorite Ceiling Lights, but you can see the full assortment here.


Barn Light Electric Co Lighting
And, while I think their lighting is just the most wonderful of all, they also have some really fabulous other fixtures that you just must check out. From their fan options, to dinner + serving ware, and other statement lighting. So many find home decor accents + fixtures that can truly make such a statement in your home and be a lasting treasure for you.


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