A Holiday Home Tour

Enjoy this look into my vintage farmhouse inspired holiday decor in our Holiday Home Tour this year.

A Holiday Home Tour

Decorating for the holidays just has to be one of the most excited times of the year. I love pulling out my decor and having the whole family together to help. From decorating the tree to putting up garland around the house, I just love playing around with different textures and adding in vintage elements.


Our tree is filled with our little ornament collection that grows a bit more each year. From special family heirlooms down to ones my kids pick out, our tree is a colorful assortment with a classic shine. I just love mixing in these vintage icicle ornaments, they give the tree so much sparkle. I collect a dated photo frame ornament each year (started the tradition on the first Christmas that Shane and I started dating) with a photo that kind of highlights the year and it is SO much fun to look back through all the years as we hang them upon the tree. I also use little crystals from an old chandelier my Grandmother had to adorn the very tips of the branches, which truly makes the tree sparkle + shine.

We also have a flocked “kids tree” with big, old-school colored lights that they can decorate however they’d like, and also includes all of the special handmade ornaments they make at school each year. It is s fun and funky, and also has some of the hand-stitched, stuffed little ornaments that Shane’s grandmother made years ago that are so special to us.

holiday home tour by heirloomed

holiday home tour by heirloomed


Our winter months are spent around our fireplace, even here in the South. We just love to start a fie and have it burning as we are eating dinner, watching a movie, or making our favorite Christmas cookies. There really is nothing like the warmth + glow of a nice fire, filling the whole house with that nostalgic smokey smell and the sound of the wood crackling and popping.

We are so lucky to have fireplaces in each of our family rooms in the house. Our main fireplace is filled with a DIY garland I did with fresh oranges and magnolia clippings from my own yard. I find that just adding a few details can really enhance your garland and bring it to life. I also love adding vintage in, and this wooden tobacco star is just the perfect neutral holiday addition that is simple but still makes a big statement.

Our other mantle is where we always hang our stockings. I added in some berries and antlers to give the mantle a bit of a holiday look, ready for Santa to come right down the chimney, and festive for my friends to see a holiday home tour.

holiday home tour by heirloomed

holiday home tour by heirloomed


As they say, the devil is in the details. I love bringing vintage into my decor every day, but especially for the holiday season. A few years ago at one of my favorite antique stores in North Carolina, I  stumbled across the collection of vintage wooden sleds. They all had so much character, and I knew I couldn’t wait to bring them home. What would we do with 4 vintage sleds, Shane said – but I knew I’d find something fun. I love leaning them up on my porch, they are the perfect outdoor decor, so rustic and charming.

I also always love filling vases with vintage ornaments. They are very old and fragile and I just love them, so this is the perfect way to still show them off while still keeping them a bit safer than dangling from the tree. I just adore my collection of vintage ornaments that have been passed down to me, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have a collection of your own, check out our latest DIY on turning new ornaments into a vintage look.

Another vintage piece that I just love, is this vintage Santa suit. The antique store owner told me it is from the 1920’s and for some reason I just fell in love with it but still walked away without purchasing. The next day, my Dad went and purchased it for me as a special gift that I just treasure. I always hang it on this rustic piece of wood in our foyer for the holidays.  It is still in amazing condition and is such a fun way to show an ode to the past.

holiday home tour by heirloomed    


For my dining room I always try to incorporate as many natural elements as I can so that my place setting can really hold the attention. I added in some garland + red berries from the yard to make it festive, but kept it simple.

For my place setting, I love using special holiday china and incorporation red, white and green linens. I added a few vintage ornaments on each plate for a fun, festive element.


This year has been quite different than anything we’ve ever experienced or expected. I am so thankful for all the amazing support we received this year for both our blog and shop. Thank you so much for allowing our small family business to still grow this year. As we head into 2021, and our 15th anniversary in business, I am so excited for all we have in store for you.

happy holidays from heirloomed

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