A Family Heirloom Series: Grandmother’s Jewelry

Read more of our Family Heirloom Series as we share different stories and photos of people’s most meaningful heirloom pieces and the meaning behind them. We are starting out with Kelsey’s Grandmother’s Jewelry.

A Family Heirloom Series: Grandmother’s Jewelry

Here at Heirloomed, we pride ourselves on being Old Souls. With that comes a deep nostalgia for those special things that remind us of the people who raised us. For some it is a special recipe, song, or vacation spot that can send them right back to a certain moment. Some of us are lucky enough to receive a tangible object that represents so much history and becomes a family heirloom.

We wanted to start a new series that explores these heirlooms that link us to those who mean the most to us. Each month we want to tell a new story that explores these object and the meaning and history behind them.

What is your Family Heirloom?

For the first part of this series, we are going to be exploring something that most of us probably hold near and dear to our hearts: Wedding Jewelry. This family Heirloom belongs to our very own Studio Manager, Kelsey. Read below to find out more about her special heirloom.

Q: Can you share with us the meaning behind your family heirloom?

A: This necklace was once my Grandmother’s wedding ring. She married my grandfather in a small church ceremony in the 1970’s. Her original engagement ring was a small gold band with one single diamond, which is now the center stone on my necklace.

As the years went on, she eventually got a new ring and her old ring was tucked away in her jewelry box until one day she decided to have it turned into a necklace and added these other diamonds around it to make it a little more special. One day when I was over at her house, probably enjoying one of her delicious home cooked meal, I spotted the necklace and pretty much convinced her that I just had to have it. She graciously agreed and now I wear it as often as I can, mainly for special occasions.

gold and diamond necklace

Family History

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your Grandmother and why your Grandmother’s jewelry is so special to you?

A: Growing up, I was very close to my grandmother, Cherry. I can fondly remember all of the meals she made me, old school games we played and of course, all of the times we would play dress up. I was also lucky enough to grow up with not only my grandmother, but also my Great grandmother, Joyce. Both of these amazing women really knew how to dress up and taught me my love for fashion and jewelry.

Kelsey’s grandmother and great grandmother pictured in black and white photos.

Caring for Heirloom Jewelry

As we hold these items near and dear to our hearts, sometimes we are afraid to even wear or display them. It is very important to learn how to take care of these special heirlooms to keep around for another generation to enjoy. This tutorial is a great guide on how to clean vintage jewelry after a few wears. We also have a great guide on polishing silver if you have been passed down any silver pieces.

We hope you enjoyed this special little story – we have so many more to share! If you have your own heirloom you would like us to feature, please DM us @heirloomedcollection on Instagram.

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