5 Reasons You Need a Tea Kettle

The classic Tea Kettle is one of those staples in your home, perfect if you’re looking for a slow living kitchen essential. From copper to metal to cast iron tea pots, you’ll love having this item to heat water, make hot tea and much more.

5 Reasons why you need a Tea Kettle

I received my tea kettle as a gift when I got married and it has become one of the most-used items in my kitchen. I use it daily AND it provides a timeless charm and appeal sitting right on my stovetop. The history of the tea kettle is vast, stretching back to the olden days when folks had a single fire or wood burning stove as a source of central heat in their home to provide heat, cook, clean and more.

The best tea kettles

A Roundup of the Best Tea Kettles


1. Essentials for Slow Living

The trend of homesteading, slow living or whatever more simple life concept you’d like to call it is here to stay and I couldn’t be more excited. A tea kettle is a non-electric staple for your kitchen that speaks directly to this old-school trend. If you’re looking for ways to be more purposeful and intentional in your living, having a tea kettle is a must-have item that will help you in so many ways to simplify.

2. How to use the Microwave Less

One of my big goals in the new year was to try to cut down on the number of times a day I use the microwave. I’m not ready to get rid of it all together but hey, it’s a little step in the right direction. Now granted, I don’t actually use it that often, but as a mom to three little ones we are certainly using it to heat things up, pop popcorn, etc. so using a tea kettle instead has been a wonderful way to help cut back on the number of times I heat up water to boiling for tea, hot cocoa, when making Jello or ramen. You’ll be surprised how many times a day you can cut out the microwave by simply using your kettle instead.

3. Other ways to use Hot Water from a Tea Kettle

Probably the most common use for a tea kettle is simply heating your water for drinking, but there are so many reasons why you might need hot or boiling water. As a pour over for your coffee, making a cup of tea, for sanitization + deep cleaning linens or other household items, for cleaning your silver, and so much more.

4. Drink more Water

I’m constantly trying to find more ways to stay hydrated and drink more water during the day. I’ve found that heating up a kettle full of hot water in the evening and pouring a mug-full with a slice of lemon or orange has helped me to get another big cup or two more during the day, and curb my late-night snack cravings too. Especially in the cold winter months, it’s nice to have a warm, cozy cup of lemon water to curl up with. And, I bet your Grandma will remind you that a hot cup of lemon water a day is great for your skin, too!

5. Timeless Charm

If the more rational reasons of using a tea kettle haven’t already convinced you to get one for yourself then surely the timeless charm of them alone is enough. I leave my kettle on the stovetop all day, every day and it adds the perfect touch of old-school design to my space. I also can’t help but smile when I hear the tea kettle whistle + blow when it is done, just like the childhood song I’m a Little Teapot that you know and love.  There are so many beautiful tea kettle options, from my stainless steel one to copper tea pots to cast iron kettles and beyond.

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