Some things are far in the making, and this Spring photoshoot is no exception. I’ve kept these photos under wraps since last July {if you can believe that!} and for good reason. I took some truly special people to capture the beauty of the sunlight and new heirloomed linen Collection.

We crammed a lot into this day-long photoshoot, with a prelude of coffee shop planning sessions, style board sketches, and trip to both the farmers market & the wholesale florist. I found a new love of scabiosa in these floral blooms. A swarm of angry hornets and a sting led to a quick location change at the farm, and a 400 lb pig who devoured the vast majority of fresh fruit & raw veggies, and a few of our florals made for a more “simple” look on the final tablescape. But, all in all the final outcome was perfection. Big thanks to the photographic talents of Heidi Geldhauser & the styling {and modeling} by Christina Loucks for making this come to life!

Spring in the South is simply beautiful. It reminds me of brunches, picnics, impromptu backyard barbeques, romantic weddings and light, fragrant cocktails. The simplicity of the heirloomed Collection is meant to capture these special moments.

Stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll share my favorite staples for Spring entertaining in the South!

spring linens

spring tabletop linens spring tablescape spring cocktails spring linen apron spring linen aprons spring entertaining nibbles

It’s no secret, I love Pinterest. I’m a visual learner with my own way of organizing my thoughts. I used to rip pages out of magazines and paste them into little notebooks that were tabbed out by category {true story} so Pinterest is my “2.0” version of this.

A collection of more fabulous images you’ll never find. And, it has been the perfect medium for helping me to define my very specific aesthetic, whether it be style or interiors. My “foodie” board is based solely on mood and has nothing to do with the actual recipes themselves.

What makes Pinterest what it is are the folks I follow. And, I find myself constantly pinning and repinning the same few people day after day. So, I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite folks on Pinterest!

beth kirby / local milk

I love this blog and her mantra “a cast iron skillet & camera” – doesn’t get much better. This board is full of rustic office shots and myriads of books {of which I have and can’t stop collecting}. A must follow.

local milk pinterest

hannah queen / honey & jam

I have long been a fan of Hannah and the way her beautiful photography captures the simple things in life and nature. Textures & tones come through beautifully and I can’t think of someone with a more lovely, rustic aesthetic than Hannah. This beautiful board is one she calls “feels like home” – certainly a place I’d love to live.

hannah queen pinterest laura scholz

Laura is a great friend and a fabulous pinner. Her style board could be mistaken for mine – probably because that is where most of my pins inadvertently come from. If only my actual wardrobe looked as good as this virtual one. Anyone want to take a stab?

laura scholz pinterest

naomi / bakers royale

I love a dark & moody take on food {as is evident on my own “foodie” board} but Naomi takes the cake in this category. This board captures her love of food photography and I simply love her styling with vintage elements.

bakers royale pinterest

plum pretty sugar

Though I have long admired this beautiful brand, their pinning is just as pretty. I had a hard time picking just one pin board to feature from their treasure trove of boards. I have my own retail board, and as you’ll see it looks so much like the beautiful finds they’ve pinned here. Perhaps we can share our own retail space down the road? Oh, the possibilities with Pinterest.

pretty plum sugar pinterest


katie armour / the neo-traditionalist & matchbook magazine

It’s no surprise Katie’s pins are equally as lovely as her blog & magazine. While I adore her style & interior pins as well, I just couldn’t get over this collection of vintage rides {one of my favorite loves}.

katie armour pinterest

ginny branch

What can I even say about Ginny’s style {and styling}? I can honestly say I had to choose this board at random because each and every board she has created is equally as fabulous. Over the years, I have had many, many collections and you can tell that Ginny’s love of the same is pure. There is something about a collection that make the similarities outweigh & highlight the differences perfectly.

ginny branch stelling pinterest




At last, I shared Sawyer’s sweet newborn session with you, and today her equally adorable birth announcement {c/o minted}.

minted birth announcement

I love the formality and tradition of birth announcements. What a wonderful way to share our special new baby girl with our closest family and friends. We didn’t send a holiday card this year {which, if you know me was a BIG deal} but I was 9 months pregnant with Sawyer and just couldn’t bear the thought of sending a card with our family photo that didn’t include her sweet face. So, we waiting until her arrival instead.

I searched and search for the perfect announcement, and loved the simple floral touch this design had. Because her middle name is Rose, I loved the undertone and it was a great match to her nursery. The blush coloring of her skin in the photo also worked so well aesthetically.  It’s a great treasure to add to her baby book in celebration of her first arrival.

minted giveaway

So … onto the equally exciting part. My friends at minted have generously allowed me to host another giveaway! Who wouldn’t want a $150 to use on birth announcements {or anything that suits your fancy, really}? I know about 75 lovely ladies who are pregnant right now, and this couldn’t be more perfect. So, click here to enter to win between now and Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 11:59PM est for your chance to win!

* some restrictions may apply. click here for full official rules. in full disclosure, I am a customer of because I love their customer service and great designs. they were kind enough to provided me with a credit to use towards the purchase of my birth announcements for this order.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment when I could share my sweet new daughter. Introducing … Sawyer Rose. She’s our new bundle of joy { well, new-ish as we’ve somehow hit the 2-month mark already } and she couldn’t be more wonderful.

It seems like just yesterday we were in the midst of Wyatt’s newborn session. He is now two and running circles around me – which made this shoot even more fun. I just love their sweet little shots together – so much love.

newborn session newborn session newborn session siblings siblings newborn session newborn session newborn session

Big, big thank you to my friend Heidi at Our Labor of Love for yet another gorgeous set of photos for us to capture this special moment in our lives.

And, stay tuned tomorrow – I’m sharing Sawyers birth announcement with fabulous giveaway from Minted that you won’t want to miss!

My husband’s grandfather was a wonderful man. And a great wood worker. He passed away last year, and today I had such a fabulous time looking around his wood shop. I think vintage tools are some of my favorite things. They are the epitome of craftsmanship, and the worn wood & patina  from the metals can’t be beat.

Here are just a few of my favorite things from the wood shop {that I also shared over on my Instagram today} …

tool organization

vintage work apron

vintage tools



Do you have any vintage tools that you love? If so, share them on Instagram and share them with me by including #heirloomed in you photo post. I’d love to see them!

The reason for visiting the wood shop today was for a very exciting new project my husband has been working on. I am so excited to share, however this one takes time so stay tuned. But, here’s a little sneak peek in the meantime.

raw edge wooden slabs

raw edge wood

old wood planks




Inspired by the list of the 75 Most Stylish Southerners that Southern Living posted this week, I decided to share a little Southern style of my own. Chambray is surely nothing new, but a long-standing Southern staple for sure. And, totally on trend again for Spring. Pair it with white or a super dark denim, a plaid, print or tiny floral – it’s versatile and classic every time.

I’d love to see some of your favorite Chambray finds for Spring!

As a relatively new mom {2+ years and going strong …} there are so many things I’ve learned from other moms, especially when I was just getting started. Since last year was my first experience with Valentine’s Day with Wyatt in school, I was lucky to have stumbled upon these adorable “classroom Valentine’s” that you can personalize and make cute-as-can-be!

minted classroom valentine

There were lots of X’s and O’s that would be so sweet for little girls, but I loved the simplicity of the design of this arrow for my all-boy kiddo and know his friends at school will love it too. So much better than those little drugstore Valentine’s cards I handed out when I was little! And, I know he’ll have fun giving them to our neighbors and family, too.

Just thought I’d share these cute little cards if you hadn’t found them already, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Did you already know this little secret? I ordered mine from Minted this year, and you can check out all of their cards {here}.

PS: this post is not sponsored, I just really loved these cards!

photo by heidi @ our labor of love

Southern Valentine's Day Gift Guide

As a Southerner, here are a few of my favorite finds for that special, Southern sweetheart in your life this Valentine’s Day!

1. Mast Brothers Chocolate & signed book (don’t go the traditional route with chocolates, give her something she’s really going to love) / 2. Emily G’s Jam (Because they are “Jams of Love” after all, and great on a biscuit!) / 3. Floral Painting (Save your money on flowers and give her one of these gorgeous floral paintings from Charleston artist Lulie Wallace) / 4. Arrows with Feathers (Shoot straight to the heart with these beauties! A great gift for your kiddos, don’t you think?) / 5. Bless your Heart Card (This card says it all) / 6. elizabethW Sweet Tea perfume (my scent of choice for as long as I can remember, trust me, she’ll love it!)

Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Soup

There are so many things I love about social media, and I’m adding this soup to my list.

It’s freezing here in Atlanta and I’m colder than I’ve ever been {literally, the low today is 7 degrees …} so I took to Pinterest to find a warm, hearty vegetable soup recipe. I tend to fill my food-related boards with moody pins of beautifully shot food instead of dishes I might actually make one day. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon this delicious recipe for Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Soup from Fork & Flower, a lovely blog from Switzerland that I am loving equally as much as the soup!

Thanks to my New Year resolutions, I edited the recipe just a tad in the making. You can click over to see the original recipe here, I replaced the heavy cream with a splash of 2% milk and you can leave out the potato as the cauliflower is hearty enough and provides a great texture alone. I also heavied up on the garlic, personal preference.

And, after taste testing before I hit puree, I will be making the roasted cauliflower & chickpeas as a side dish {or meal!} again soon.

In 2014, I am resolving to blog {more} and to do so about things I am truly passionate about – family, the South, heirlooms – I’ll start there and keep it simple. And so, here’s to my first post of the new year!

I gave you a sneak peek a while back from our Love Bug shoot with my favorite photographer, Heidi from Our Labor of Love and the adorable children’s shop Seed Factory here in Atlanta.

As Heidi pointed out to me, this shoot is not my typical aesthetic – simple, clean, white. I go more for the setting, outdoors, rustic, layered. But the premise of the Love Bug shoots are to capture the pure joy of children, their favorite toy and to let them simply play and be themselves. Wyatt brought his sweet tiger Jellycat. And, the photos that resulted show my sweet two-year old just as he is – happy, sweet, silly and full of energy.

Here’s to 2014!

Love Bug 1 Love Bug 2 Love Bug 3   Love Bug 4 Love Bug 5

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