What to Pack for Europe in the Summer

If you love minimalist style or a capsule wardrobe and have some traveling coming up, this post is for you. Here’s my roundup of my travel capsule wardrobe for what to pack for Europe in the summer.

We had the great pleasure of traveling to England, Ireland and Scotland for two weeks for a girls trip this summer to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. The weather was varied and our adventures were vast so keeping our suitcases efficiently packed yet being prepared for all the conditions was a must. It was a challenge and lots of thought went into what to pack for Europe in the summer and how I could bring the perfect capsule wardrobe to mix and match for all of our occasions.

Here’s a roundup of some of the things I packed, and some notes below that I considered so you can keep them top-of-mind as well.

Tips for Packing for Europe

A few tips and suggestions that I picked up along my travels, and why I’d pack just slightly different on my next trip to Europe in the summer.


  • Layer, layer, layer!
    • Thankfully I was ready for this one but you never know what conditions your travel may bring. You go from being hot to cold on an airplane in an instant and a 10 hour flight means you’ll want to be comfortable the whole time so I love layers especially on travel days. My go to is a pair of black leggings, tank top, my log 2-pocket sweater and tennis shoes. I also carry my Everlane Backpack (for all my carry-on travel essentials), my Clare V. Grande Fanny bag that was versatile enough to bring as a purse day & night, and a Belt Bag (to keep things handy and safe like passports, chapstick, wallet, etc).
    • You’ll also want layers that you can put on and take off during your adventures, like a light-weight rain jacket or quarter zip sweater as weather conditions or elevations change at a moments notice, especially in places like Ireland where it rains frequently.


  • Waterproof  Apparel
      • Again, weather conditions change and you just can’t trust the weather as you travel from area to area. Especially in Ireland and Scotland, I wish I was a bit more prepared for the rain. I had a jacket that was more water-resistant than water-proof so be sure to check your gear to ensure it stands up to the conditions. I also brought a small travel umbrella that we could add as an extra layer of protection. I packed items that were cute but athletic or had fast dry technology, like a lightweight pair of athletic joggers or a dryfit tank that easily aired out as needed. We brought a lightweight rain jacket w/ hood, a longer & heavier rain jacket w/ hood (mine was a fail!), waterproof boots for hiking and adventures, and next time I’d also grab a pair of waterproof sneakers with me. I fell in love with this line of rain jackets in a store in Dingle, Ireland. There’s nothing worse than being wet and soggy.

  • Mix & Match
    • I’m already an everyday fan of minimalist style and a capsule wardrobe but when packing for a trip like this it is absolutely essential to be able to mix and match colors and pieces to get an array of new outfits fit for any travel event you may be tackling. I brought pieces in an array of neutral colors that could mix and match easily despite the occasion, whether it be going out to dinner at a pub in London or hiking up a green hill in Ireland to take a photo of a gorgeous view. I love layering tees & tanks over dresses or tossing on a layer like a striped sweater or a denim jacket to give new life and a new look to a piece you may have already worn which keeps your photos looking fresh and you prepared for everything.
    • Next time I’d also bring a few more accessories to mix into my wardrobe. I needed a good neutral baseball cap or two (I’m a hat lover) and missed this go-to accessory. I packed minimalist jewelry, which is my go-to so switching out diamond studs for a pair of gold hoops at night was an easy upgrade. I only packed one pair of sunglasses and wish I had grabbed one or two more just to mix up my photos a bit. Perhaps a scarf or lightweight wrap would be a few other good suggestions to consider here. This may also be easier when packing for Fall/Winter trips, as you could add a scarf or beanie or additional sweaters to mix up your looks.

  • Dress for Comfort
    • Comfort is a must when you are traveling long days and taking in all the sights, and boy did we. Comfortable shoes are my #1 recommendation. Make sure you try them on and break them in ahead of time, because there is nothing worse than blisters or a shoe that slows you down. I tried to get as much mileage with as few shoes as possible. A pair of athletic sneakers (ideally waterproof), a cuter pair of sneakers (I loved my Hoff brand sneaks), a cute pair of sandals for dinner or when you’re not walking too much, rubber boots or hiking shoes for adventures that may involve getting wet. I went very minimal here and didn’t have any issues.

  • Versatile Dress Options
    • One change I’d make would be to bring even more dresses, I loved these during the daytime, especially in London since we were just walking around the city sites and for less “adventure” packed days. They were effortless and breezy while still being put together.
    • I’d also recommend some more simple dress & skirt options for dinner & evening activities, again just very versatile and Euro-chic. I generally paired mine with a pair of sandals, a piece of jewelry and layered with a denim jacket. An easy & good-looking way to accommodate whatever the evening holds.


I’d love to know where you’re going, any questions you may have and your own tips on what to pack for Europe in the summer!


be sure to pin this image so you can go back and reference these pieces & tips so you remember what to pack for Europe in the summer when you’re ready!




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