Small Town Travel Checklist.

Small Town Travel Checklist

If you’ve followed any of my Heirloomed Travel Guides then you know they’re not quite like others you may find.

I’m not often jaunting around to huge, coveted travel destinations around the world. Most of the time I’m just driving around the South exploring super small town squares I come across along the way. This is what I grew up doing, traveling between Florida and North Carolina, popping into diners, antique stores and staying at unique little inns along the way. Road trips are my favorite.

I decided to put together a few things you can use as a Small Town Checklist that may help you to force yourself (or more likely your kids or significant other, ahem) to be more willing to slow down and explore, discover and learn along the way. It’s a great way to take the long way around and get off the beaten path.

The Small Town Travel Checklist

Government Buildings

Discover town staples like city hall, local fire stations + courthouses

Religious Institutions

Find the oldest church and cemeteries off the beaten path

Cultural Arts

Historical theaters, museums + libraries or galleries are a great way to learn about local history and discover artists


Murals, water towers, bridges, or even the largest ball of yarn – take note and take a photo or two while you’re there

Retail Stores

General or hardware stores, garden centers, local markets, farm stands and gift stores all help small towns thrive

Industry & Agriculture

Discover the industries and trades that established the town. What still supports the town today?

Food & Dining

A coffee shop, diner, bakery or local pub. Find the best local restaurants and indulge in the one dish the town in known for.

Historical Markers

“Welcome To” city signs, markers with notable places or events and town square statues all help educate you on town roots.


Even the smallest town generally has at least one or two remarkable historical homes worth seeing.

Town Historian

This one is the hardest but make a point to talk to folks and find that one person that knows its history inside and out.

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