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Here is what this strawberry shortcake recipe will look like

Wild Strawberry Shortcake

  • Author: Heirloomed Collection


This recipe for wild strawberry shortcake welcomes warm weather with open arms with its sweet taste, fresh ingredients, and vibrant colors. Our shortcake with strawberries is a perfect treat to make with a few easy, simple ingredients. 



For Strawberry Topping :

  • 4 cups Strawberries, washed + quartered
  • 12 TBSP granulated sugar

For Homemade Whipped Cream :

For Shortcake :

  • 2 1/3 cups Bisquick
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 3 TBSP granulated sugar
  • 3 TBSP melted butter


For Strawberry Topping :

  • Wash and quarter 4 cups of strawberries. Toss with 1-2 TBSP of granulated sugar and set aside

For Homemade Whipped Cream :

For Shortcake:

  • Heat oven to 425 degrees.
  • In medium bowl, mix Bisquick, milk, sugar + melted butter until soft dough forms.
  • Grease cookie sheet and drop six equal sized balls of dough.
  • Bake 10 minutes until golden brown.
  • Remove from baking sheet and serve while warm.

Assembling your Strawberry Shortcake:

  • To serve, place a single shortcake onto plate or bowl, top with two spoonfuls of strawberry topping and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Garnish with mint, + enjoy!