A Round up of the Best Hats Around

If you know me you know I love a good hat any day of the week so I’m sharing this on-going roundup of my favorite, most stylish hats, whether it’s a straw hat for summer or the perfect wide-brim hat for fall, I know you’ll find one you love.

When I was little, my Grandma gave me a hat rack for Christmas one year. It was white and hung on my bedroom wall, and if I’m being honest I thought it was the most random gift. Looking back, it was the most perfect gift for me I could ever imagine. I guess you could say I’ve been a hat wearer and hat lover since day 1. I wear hats frequently and I wear a wide variety of hats, from straw to felt to cowboy to trucker to baseball and beyond. So, sharing a little a hat roundup from a self-proclaimed hat lover so you can all find one that’s perfect for you from this arsenal of ones I’ve been saving lately.

The Best Hat Brands

Millinery is trade term for the design, manufacture & sale of hats, and I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t thought about tackling this craft a time or two. My passion for hats runs deep.  There are quite a few hat brands out there these days, here are a few of my favorites or ones that you should consider looking into.

  • Stetson – a true classic, especially in the cowboy varieties. We have some vintage Stetson from Shane’s family
  • Janessa Leone – the ultimate “it girl” hat maker. Her silhouettes are so chic, quality is unmatched and her branding makes me covet these pieces even more. This will certainly be my next hat brand purchase.
  • Lack of Color – another cool vibe brand that is coveted in the hat world, but what brand out of Australia isn’t cool?
  • Gigi Pip – a newer brand in the past few years that came on the market and captured a more mainstream approach to hats, they always have items that are on-trend for the current looks and their Western Collection is my favorite currently
  • Sissy Light – this is a beautiful & feminine brand out of Texas that I was introduced to thanks to the Southern C crew that gives me all the Roundtop vibes.
  • Wyeth – this is a brand that I found out years ago, thanks to their Madewell collaboration. I owned a tan felt hat from here and it had a good quality for a good price point.

There are so many others, we even have to milliner shops here in Atlanta that are fun to pop into, Gorin Brothers and B.M. Franklin


This is my favorite felt fall hat these days, a custom Stetson Hat, with hand sewn custom leather band

How to Find the Perfect Hat

If you’re not used to wearing hats very often but want to start, I have some pretty simple advice for you. First, find the perfect hat for YOU. Not all hats look good on all people, and not all hats fit all people well. So find a few that you love the look of and just go out there and give them a try. If you’re liking a certain look or style then go for it. If you don’t have any clue where to start, you may want to try ordering a few different styles just to try them on and see which seem to suit you the best. Most websites will list the hat sizes, so you can measure the circumference of your head to see what the best fit will be for you.

Also, consider the occasion – are you looking for an every day hat to start incorporating into your wardrobe or are you heading off to the beach and need some sun coverage with a chic look? Considering what you need upfront will help you get the best hat from the beginning. For example, if you’re going to the beach or lake then it may be windy or you may be on a boat at some point, so considering a straw hat that gives good sun protection while also having a string to keep it snug on your head might be the best way to go. If you’re heading to a girls trip and will be at the pool lounging with the ladies, then a rigid, wide brim hat may work great and keep you looking stylish. Or, you can consider a more bendable, packable hat if you’re flying and out having fun worried about bending up a nice, expensive hat.


This is my go-to hat for summer, the Cuyana Wide Brim Ecuador Hat in Natural

I’d love to know some of your favorite hats or hat brands, love discovering more I haven’t seen before! Looking for something specific? Leave me a DM or comment and I’d love to help give any advice on finding the perfect hat for you.

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